Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale!

The Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale is going on now and ending soon! If you are a bath and body works addict like me and need your monthly fix, I suggest hitting them up this week! I've done a lot of shopping there in the last couple of weeks, and I will be posting a haul from there, but I just thought that I'd tell you all that there is only one week of the sale left if you are interested!

Also, Bath and Body Works is doing a special buy 3, get 3 free of their signature collection. They've never run a buy 3 get 3 free during their sale, and they don't do this kind of a discount on their signature collection often, so if there is something that you wanted that wasn't part of the sale, head over their now!

You can also shop the sale online at :). Enjoy!

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