Friday, July 27, 2012

Eyelash Curlers-You Need One!

I'm going to be honest: I never understood the point of eyelash curlers. My eyelashes have always been fine without one. But, when I moved into college, my roommate had one, and she curled her lashes everyday. Her lashes always looks so much spring-ier when she did. So, I decided to try one out. Her curler was a Revlon curler. This is mine:

It's just the cheap brand that you can get at Target. I think it's kind of silly to spend a bunch of money on eyelash curlers. The cheap ones last just fine, and I've never had a problem with this one. It's also the perfect shape of my eye so I don't get pinched while I try to curl my lashes.

My point is this: you need an eyelash curler because it makes a big difference for your eyes, but don't get tricked into thinking that you need a super duper expensive lash curler. Just find one for a reasonable price that you like and that does the job without pinching, and you are good to go :)

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