Friday, July 6, 2012

Pink Hair?!

Yeah, I dyed my hair pink. But not all of it, I promise!!! There's been a trend going around this summer where you dip-dye the ends of your hair. I've been seeing it all over a bunch of blogs and YouTube videos. My friends and I wanted to try it. So, during our last sleepover, we dip-dyed each other's hair. I chose to dye the ends of my hair Cotton Candy Pink (which ironically, the dye smelled like cotton candy. Not that I was smelling the hair dye or anything...)

This is the dye that we bought. My friends used a different brand because they wanted different colors in their hair, but I used the Raw Color in Candy Pink. I purchased this dye from Hot Topic, because I had heard that the dye wouldn't last for too long, which is honestly what I wanted. I've been bored with my hair, so I thought it would be fun to just play around with it, without it lasting 6-8 weeks like normal hair dye. The dye was $12.95, which I think is reasonable, and I barely had to use any dye for the ends of my hair. There is still plenty left!
Note: If you have dark hair, you are going to have to purchase a bleach in order for the color to show up. I don't have to because my hair is pretty blonde, but if you need to like my friends did, they sell it at Hot Topic. It's going to be $12.95 like the dye, but there's enough in the bottle to use on a lot of girl's hair!

Here's how my hair turned out:

The pink shows up a lot better in natural light, but it's not a super vibrant color, which I wish it had been. The dye has lasted about 7 washes (as I'm writing this). It's definitely faded the color, but there is still pink in my hair. Even though the color has faded, hair is naturally a golden blonde, so the ends of my hair now look a really pretty shade of strawberry blonde.

I do recommend dip-dying your hair. My friends and I had a lot of fun with it, and it was really pretty, and still is! Hot Topic has a bunch of colors, and it's an inexpensive way to spend a sleepover with friends! You and your friends could all agree on one color, and dye each other's hair. There's definitely plenty in the bottle for about 7 girls to dip-dye their hair!

Let me know if you try this trend out! I'll definitely be doing it again this summer.

Disclaimer: I bought the dye myself and my friends and I dyed our hair on our own. Hot Topic did not compensate me for this post, nor do they know it exists. All opinions are my own. 

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