Sunday, July 8, 2012

Purple Polish Obsession

I mentioned yesterday in my influenster box opening that the Polar Purple color that came in it was perfect for me because I love the color purple. I thought I'd touch upon that a little more and show you all how deep the obsession is...

Exhibit A:

It might be hard to see all of the different shades of purple, but these are all of my purple nail polishes. This is about half of my collection. There's clearly a problem with me...

Here are the polishes a little closer. Some of them still don't look that purple in the bottle, but they are a shade of purple on your fingers.
 (From left to right: China Glaze's Coconut Kiss, Joy, and Harmony)
  (From left to right: Gap's Violet, Ulta's Last Fling Before the Ring, Essie's No More Film, 
and NYC's 133A)
 (From left to right: OPI's Meet Me At The Star Ferry, OPI INK, and Nicole by OPI's Virtuous Violet)

My favorite, you ask? Definitely OPI Ink. It's name reminds me of the show LA Ink, which was on TLC for a while. It's also a polish that my sister gave me for my birthday, and it's SO pretty in the sunlight. It looks pretty dark on your fingers, but it sparkles this really vivid purple color in the sunlight. It's beautiful. 

My most worn color? GAP's Violet. This was a gift from a friend, and it is another vivid purple color. LOVE. I just wish it didn't chip so quickly. 

Most unexpectedly pretty? ULTA's Last Fling Before The Ring. This color looks NASTY on my toes, but SO pretty on my fingers. I just can't explain or describe how that's possible, but it is. 

Let me know in the comments what nail polish color it your favorite, what colors you LOVE wearing, and just for kicks, what your favorite color is :)

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