Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Black Friday Haul Part 3: Bath and Body Works

Black Friday wouldn't be complete without a Bath and Body Works Haul. Here we go...
 My main reason for going was to get two of these night light wall flowers. My parents each asked for one of these so that they can put them around the house or in their bathrooms and not have to turn the lights on during the night. I got one in gold and one in clear so that they could each pick their favorite.

 Next I got 4 soaps for my bathroom at college. I got Fresh Picked Apples, Sea Island Cotton, Kitchen Lemon with the Christmas packaging, and Cranberry Tangerine. I am literally on my last soap bottle at school, and I figured these would last me for a while!

 I also got some wallflowers for my college dorm room. I got Fresh Linen 2 pack and Fresh Balsam which is my favorite Christmas scent. These are also both non-intruding enough scents that my picky roommate can't possibly have a problem with. I also got her the Fresh Balsam room spray as part of her Christmas gift. She loves Christmas, and that way she can have her room smell like Christmas all year long.

Last, I got the VIP bag. It came with everything pictured above. I love getting these around Christmas time. It makes for some easy gifts without having to go crazy smelling everything. They also usually put in their newest products, so the gifts that you are giving people from these bags are the newest things. Plus, if you have never tried something yourself, it's a great way to get one cheap without having put too much money into something you might hate.

Amazingly enough, that's all I got! Check back soon to see another part of my Black Friday hauls!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Black Friday Haul Part 2: Vera Bradley!

I went to Vera Bradley on Black Friday too. Their specials? Spend $100 and get a free holiday printed tote bag as well as 30% off certain colors.
Here's what I got:

 This is the Holiday Tote. In this first picture, you can see the color for what it truly is. The bottom picture shows you how tall it is. it's more of a purse than a tote, and it's already going to be given to someone for Christmas. I won't say who just in case they are reading this ;).

Next, is what I actually bought. 
 This little girl above is the light of my life :) I've wanted to get a hipster for SO long, and I finally caved and got one. I wasn't going to get this color, but they discontinued the one I wanted (it had Tea in the name) so, I went and looked at the ones on sale and this one caught my eye. It goes perfectly with jeans because it's a navy blue color, but it's also got the pops of purple that I really liked. I got this one for $45 instead of the original price that is listed on the tag. I literally left the store and put all of my belongings into this little girl and toted her around as my purse for the rest of the day!

 Next, I got two Zip ID cases. I REALLY needed to replace the old one that I had, and I liked both of these colors, so I got them both. I'm using the one on the left right now, and then I will probably save the one on the right until the one I am using now gets gross looking. These little cases have saved my life over the years, and they are a MUST if you are a college student. For real.

 Last, but certainly not least is this Large Cosmetic case in the color Lime's Up. I've had my eye on this print for a while now and I just loved the way it looked on these cases. I mainly got this so that I could put my hairbrush and toothbrush in the same bag as all of my other stuff instead of having to put them on their own in my suitcase. They get lost, get things wet, etc. and it just was no fun. So, I got this bag. And, I travel a lot from home and back, so this is something I can get a lot of use out of.

That's all from Vera Bradley this time! I wish their stuff was cheaper so that I could buy more of it and buy it more frequently. But that's okay :) This was a gift to myself.

Stay tuned until next time where I haul more of my Black Friday purchases!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

(LATE) Black Friday Haul!- Target

Here is a super late Black Friday Haul! I went to Target first...

 We went at 9pm to Target and we always do this to get all of the past DVDs on sale. It's so much cheaper! Here's what we got: This Means War, The Avengers, The Lucky One (SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE!), Crazy Stupid Love, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Battleship, 
 New Year's Eve, Bridesmaids, Moneyball, Friends with Benefits, Snow White and the Huntsman, Tower Heist, Sherlock Holmes number 2, American Reunion, and Captain America.

I also bought Unbroken by Demi Lovato and two sets of headphones because the two sets that I have were getting really gross and destroyed.

Tomorrow, you will see part 2 of the Black Friday Haul!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

2013 Spring Semester Schedule for College

I haven't done a post about my college life in a while, so I thought I'd share with you all my class schedule for next semester.

10:30- Principles of Microeconomics
11:30-History of Theater
2:30 -3:45 (NOT FRIDAY)- Management of Organizations

9:55- Production Techniques
11:20-Financial Accounting
12:45-2:45- Acting I

I didn't include my work schedule, my hosting gig on our student television show, production meeting times, or rehearsal times, because I didn't want to overload you! I will literally have no life though...

If you were wondering, I have declared a theater and business administration double major, which is why my classes are kind of all over the place! I'm taking 18 hours which is the max that I am allowed to take in a semester, so I will be dying here soon. No worries. I am mostly done with my common curriculum stuff, though so I am really excited about actually taking classes now for my major!!

If you have any tips for me for my classes, or just for college in general, please post them below! We can all help each other!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

NOTD: Julep Maven's Hilary

As promised on the last post, this is what is on my nails right now:

 As you can see, this is Hilary from my Julep Maven purchase from this month. The color is a brown with gold, red, silver, and orange sparkles. This took about 3 coats before it was opaque, but it's totally worth it! It's such a pretty color!

This polish is definitely a keeper! I am going to have to start cleaning out my nail polish collection and finding a good way to store it, though, because I've accumulated WAY too many polishes. I'm starting to just get these boxes if there is something really unique that I don't have, otherwise I just become a polish hoarder.

What is on your nails right now?

(And yes, the top picture captured my roommate's and my Christmas lights on our balcony! This is the last time you will probably see them, too because right now I am getting ready to head home for the holidays! See you all when I get home!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Julep Maven Box!

Just a quick heads-up: I opened this box the day that I got it, but I've been getting home so late that there is no light to take pictures with, so this is literally just the box and the polishes. I didn't include anything else from the box and/or try to repack it because everything is already so scattered...

Now onto what I got this month!

 This is the December It Girl Box with two add-ons which are shipped separately. 

 These are the three polishes that came in the box. I'm most excited about Harper because it looks like a mermaid threw up sparkles, which is clearly what I want to put on my nails...Wow, you can tell it's finals week. Anyways, ONWARD!

 These were my two add-ons for the month. Cindy (the green one) is actually going to be part of one of my friend's Christmas presents and Hilary (the brown sparkles one) is on my nails today. NOTD blog post already planned!

What box did you get/what add-ons? And which polish is your favorite for the month?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm A Red-head!

I'm a red head!!! I dyed my hair over Thanksgiving break! I didn't post about it until now because I kind of wanted to get used to it and see if I liked it, and I think I really do! My hair was a light brown with a lot of golden blonde in it from the sun, and the color turned out a lot darker than I expected because of my somewhat brunette hair. Judge for yourself!

 This was after having just dyed it. Its definitely a little darker than this in real life NOW, but it was this color in real life for the first couple of days for some reason.

This is just recently before a party. I cut one of my friends out of it because I didn't think she'd want to be in the picture. But here it is now (in kind of bad lighting) but curled with a middle part. Like it? Hate it? Impartial?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shoe Haul!!!

I have a shoe haul (finally!) for you all! I got all of these shoes from Payless, and I've made sure to wear each pair so that I could adequately tell you if I liked them or not.

 First, I got these little grey suede booties. They are so cute! They are a little slouchy and they really do work with so many different outfits. I love them! (sorry, our mirror in our room is kinda getting dirty. I'll clean it before I take any more pictures!)

 I already have a pair of converse identical to these, but I've had them for so many years that they are getting nasty. I still wear them to work because I work in a technical scene shop where my shoes will just get dirtier, but these new babies are for wearing around, not for work.

 Oh :( These lovely little babies didn't fit. I LOVE them though! I got them in my normal 8 1/2, but they were about a size too big. I think I'm going to take them to a Payless around town and see if they will exchange them for the smaller size. But I am just in love with them! I am so sad that they didn't fit!

 Next are these little moccasins. How cute?! They are fuzzy on the inside, and they are the perfect shoes to wear when it is cold outside because they still keep your feet nice and toasty warm. These shoes have also become my "I'm going to take a test today and I want to be comfy and not care" shoes. Love them!

 Last, and probably my favorite (or at least closely tied with the boots) are these wedges. They are a dark plum purple, and the are SO comfortable to wear! Literally, I was walking all over a hilly campus, and I had absolutely no problem with them. They are so cute!!! AH!

I should mention that almost every pair of shoes that I ordered were on sale AND I got like 20 or 30% off when I ordered. I haven't gotten new shoes in a WHILE either, so this was a nice treat! And, to top it all off, the weather were I live is still in the 70s, so I can still wear the wedges but then also wear the furry moccasins when the weather drops down a little.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Julep Maven December Box...

...options were just released and they are AMAZING! It seems like everyone is gearing up for the holidays with glitter nail polish, and Julep is no exception. They have come out with some REALLY pretty colors this time! Check them out:

See?! So pretty! Which colors are your favorite and which profile did you pick? I need to know because I'm so on the fence on what I should get this time!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Beauty Blogger Influenster Unboxing and Mini Reviews

 I've had this box for a while now, and yes, I'm just now getting around to doing an unboxing! This is the Beauty Blogers 2012 Voxbox and it looks like this:

 This was the car that cam with it. If you are interested in the specifics, you can just click and zoom :)

Here's what came in the box. I haven't tried everything out yet, but I will include a mini-review of the things I have gotten to try out!

 This first item is the E-Boost Energy booster. I didn't know how I'd feel about this when I first got it, because I'm not a huge fan of energy drinks and such, but it does look like it is going to be healthy and not harmful, so I am definitely going to give it a shot. I have not tried this product out, though, because I am waiting for a night where I am pulling an all-nighter. I wonder if these things have expiration dates...?

 This next item is the NYC color palette. I got the limited edition shadow palette, but some other members received a different color palette for brown eyes. I kind of wish that I had received that one, because I don't use these colors often, but now that I am thinking about it, I don't have these colors in my collection, so they should make for some new combos with the browns that I already have.
The palette had really nice pigmentation for the price, but there was some fall-out. I think you can tell in the picture that there was already some sparkles floating around in the package, and it started mixing with the highlighter and base. Oh well. It's still cool, and it was free :)

 These next two items, well one was an item and one was a coupon, but they are from Bath and Body Works. I have to say, when I got the box and saw BBW products, I about died because I was so excited. I am OBSESSED with the smell of this candle. I immediately wanted to burn it, but alas, I can't because my stupid dorm room won't allow me too...It's packed up though and ready to come home with me during Thanksgiving. I'm super excited!

 This is the Kiss Ever Pro Lashes kit. I have never used lashes before, but I was pleasantly surprised with how easy these were to apply. I haven't worn them anywhere yet, but I did play with them, and I really enjoyed them. They look really natural, so I shouldn't have any trouble making them work for everyday or for a date night ;)

 Next, we have the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins. These are supposed to make wearing a bun super simple. I was really excited to try these because I'd seen them before but just never picked the up. I was kind of disappointed, though. My hair (as pictured above) is not super thick, and so my buns are always really small. You can see in the picture that the pins stuck out of my hair because they were too big. I think it's going to be okay, though. I am growing my hair out longer, and I think when it gets back to it's usual long length, I will be able to use the pins again without them sticking out.

 This was the last item in the box. It's the Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream. I was SO excited to get this! I know some people got the curly hair one, but that would not have helped me much because my hair is naturally wavy, but not super curly. This worked pretty well I think for the one time that I've tested it out. I tend to use this product when I know it's going to be humid outside to at least try to combat my frizzy hair. Humidity usually makes the situation a LOT worse, but this worked well in taming my hair.

That's all that was in the box :) I'm glad I could finally share it with you all! I did get these items for free from Influenster, but these reviews are completely honest, as I'm sure you can tell. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll see you all with the next blog post!