Monday, July 9, 2012

Old Navy Small Haul

I just started working at a camp today, and let me tell you, kids tire me out!!! I got home and passed out on the couch before going out to dinner with my family. It's time for me to go to bed now so that I can get up early and go to camp again tomorrow, but I really wanted to get a blog post up today. I've been doing so well getting a post up every day, and I didn't want today to be any exception. So here it is:

As the title suggests, here is a small haul from Old Navy:
FLIP FLOPS!!!! I <3 Old Navy flip flops so much!! They are amazing, and they have never given out on me, but that being said shoes wear out, and every year I make it a habit to replace my flip flops. The treads on the bottom of the flip flops where down when you wear them as much as I do, and I find myself slipping on smooth surfaces in my flip flops when that happens. That being said, Old Navy is AMAZING because on certain days, they sell their flip flops for $1!!!! That's a SCORE! Last Sunday, they were having one of these sales, and I went with the intention of replacing my beloved black flip flops and maybe getting a pair of yellow. Sadly, they didn't have any yellow pairs in my size (My fault. I should have gotten there earlier than noon...) but I did find some nice flip flops! As you can see in the photo, I found a new black pair, a brown pair with the purple pop of color, a bright neon coral pair, and a grey pair with the silver thongs, which surprisingly is my favorite. They had just a basic grey pair, but I fell in LOVE with the silver on these. They look SO nice!!!

The only thing with Old Navy flip flops is that they don't have half sizes, which I think is pretty common on flip flops, so I suggest going a size up. I wear a size 8 1/2 in most shoes, but I go up to a size 9 (or what they consider a 9-10). They are super comfy and pretty easy to break in.

Old Navy also has some flip flop recycling days where if you bring your old flip flops in and recycle them, they will give you a new pair at a super discounted price. So, if you missed the sale, look out for that!

(I almost missed the sale. I saw a commercial on TV two days before the sale. Not very much warning, but I think it's intentional.) I couldn't pass up getting 4 pairs of flip flops though for a $1 a piece.

Let me know if you scored anything from the sale! And if you got the coveted yellow pair in a 9, I'm super jealous. :P

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