Thursday, July 12, 2012

I want to change my hair...

I've been wanting to change my hair up recently. It's super long, and I'm just bored with it. I'm a natural light brunette, but the sun naturally bleaches my hair a golden blonde.

Around a week ago, I posted that my friends and I dip-dyed each other's hair, and I think I'm going to keep doing that for the short-term, but I'm very much considering either a major haircut, or dying my hair.

I'm really looking for y'alls opinions. I'm for sure getting a hair cut because I haven't gotten it cut probably since last summer, so the ends of my hair are damaged and dead from heat tools. My hair currently is almost down to my belly button, which is pretty long for me (this length is in my natural hair. When I straighten it, it's even longer because my hair is naturally wavy).

If I don't do a drastic cut, I want to dye my hair. I would really like to go super dark (like a dark brown, or if not that dark, like a dark auburn), but my parents think that I'd look better as a blonde. If I went blonde, I'd go for a strawberry blonde, not like a bleach blonde.

Please leave a comment below if you think I should either dye my hair (and what color?) or get a major cut. :)

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