Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Etsy Rings Are Pretty :)

Etsy is a really great website to get cute jewelry from. Recently for my birthday, I asked my mom to get me some specific rings from Etsy stores. My reasoning: I could wear them all the time and if I lost them or had them stolen, it was no big deal because they weren't super expensive. (Side note: I had a ring that I really loved stolen when I was in college, which was the whole reason why I wanted rings that were cute but not super expensive). These were the rings that I asked for:

The left most one is a gold copper double heart ring, the center one is an silver copper alphabet ring with my initial on it, and the last one is a silver ring with a gold flower and faux stone. What is really nice about these rings is that they are all adjustable, so you can wear them on any finger that you want. It also makes it super easy to buy as a gift, because you don't have to know your friend's ring size/worry about getting the wrong size ring. The downside to that is the rings can sometimes get caught on clothing or can get caught on things that you are carrying (I cannot count how many times these rings have gotten stuck on the grocery bags when I'm carrying groceries in from my car!) That being said, the rings are made of copper wire, and can be easily reshaped back into their original shape. 

They are super pretty though, and I highly recommend checking out the jewelry on Etsy. It's a little pricier than what you'd pay at Forever 21, but I think they are nicer quality pieces that will last a while! 

Because these rings are handmade, the sellers don't always sell the same things in their stores. I can no longer find the flower ring or the K alphabet ring on Etsy, but if you really like either of those, there are similar ones on the site. 

Here is the link to the listing to the double heart ring: http://www.etsy.com/listing/88987906/gold-wire-double-hearts-ring-heart-to (The same seller sold me the alphabet ring, so if you really want one, I'm sure you could contact the seller and see what they can do for you!) 

I'm a huge Etsy fan, and I hope you check out the website! 

PS: I'm not sponsored to talk about Etsy or the sellers. I just really like my rings and am planning another order from Etsy, so I figured I'd make a blog post about it!

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