Saturday, March 9, 2013

Favorites: TV Shows!

I've made a post about this before, but I've found some new shows that I thought I should add to the list. Here are my favorite TV shows that I currently watch:

  • Here Comes Honey BooBoo
  • Cheer Perfection 
  • The Amazing Race (TEAM YOUTUBE!!!) 
  • Castle
  • Bones
  • Revenge
  • The Bachelor
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Revenge
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Glee
  • Switched at Birth
  • Kourtney and Kim Take Miami
  • Toddlers and Tiaras
Some shows that I watch but that aren't in season right now: 
  • Covert Affairs (Actually, I'm just like an entire season behind and don't have time to catch up right now!)
  • 19 Kids and Counting
  • Royal Pains
  • Big Brother
  • The Glass House
  • America's Next Top Model
  • Fear Factor
  • Ghost Hunters (Again, I'm just really behind on this)

It's finally Spring Break here for me, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on some TV here soon! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013


This is an item that I got for free a while ago from BuzzAgent, and I decided to do a review about it. Here are my thoughts: I LOVE this razor.

I know what you are thinking: It's just a razor, simmer down, Katie. But NO. This is the best Razor I have ever used. It gives you a close shave, but it's NEVER made me bleed. The razor has a moisture strip that doesn't run out of moisture the first time you use it!

One razor cartridge also lasts for a long time. I have never been so happy with a razor. Literally. Plus, the BuzzAgent Kit came with some coupons that are pretty high value, so I don't feel bad buying more of these cartridges. If you see this razor at Target, Walmart, or anywhere else that you buy razors, pick it up. You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Graze Box #2

This is my second Graze box. Still loving them so much! 

Like I said on my first Graze Box review, this is a subscription box company that sends you 4 foods to try and rate. On the website, you can tell Graze what you'd like to try or what you'd like to trash. You can also rate the items that you get as LIKE and LOVE and they will send them to you again in the future! So here's what I got in my first box:
 I got myself another Summer Berry Flapjack. It was just as filling and enjoyable as last time :) The are described as "rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries." Tasty!

 This is the Toffee Apple. It comes with stick toffee sauce and dried apple slices. I'm excited to try these!

 This is the Olive and Rosemary Bruscetta. This was what I was most excited to try in the box, but to be honest, I HATED it. It just wasn't something that I was interested in. Trash
Lastly, I got the Pina Colada mix. It has dried mango, pineapple, and coconut. I haven't tried this one either, but I love me some mango, so I'm excited to have it in dried form! 

The normal box is $5 PER WEEK, so you'll get a box of these a week, and if you get the free box, then your 5th box is also free too. Pretty cool!

To get a FREE box and to view the website, use a referral link:  RYZY3R9D, GPNFMXYD. This is the ONLY way to access the website at this time.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

College Kid: Downy Unstoppables Review

These are the Downy Unstoppables In Wash Scent Booster. I know this is a weird thing to review, but they are magical when you are doing laundry, and I just HAD to tell someone about them!

My laundry situation: I take my laundry down three floors to the shared laundry machines in our building. EVERYONE does their laundry there. Whenever my laundry comes out of the wash, it just smells like the laundry rooms, which don't smell bad but they just a college kid's room. So, I had a sample of the Downy Unstoppables that I used last week, and it changed my life! My clothes have such a clean smell to them every time they come out of the laundry, and I feel like they hold that smell for much longer than they usually do. Literally, I used the sample and then immediately put it on my Target list. Personally, this turquoise container one is my favorite smell. It just smells like clean clothes instead of artificial flowers or something like that.

Random review, but it's mainly for people who use community washers and dryers. Enjoy!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning: BBW Project Pan

I've finally done it: I'm on a Bath and Body Works Project: Pan. If you don't know what a "Project Pan" is, it's essentially a specific period of time where you aren't allowed to buy something (usually make-up which is why it's called Project PAN, because you can't buy anything until you've hit pan on a certain number of items.)
Usually, you decide that you aren't going to buy any more until you hit the end of a certain number of products, but I'm not going to do it that way :P

Instead these are the rules: I am not allowed to BUY any more Bath and Body Works items until:
1) college: until I am out of both shower gel AND soap. Completely. I have 4 more bottles of each, so it might be a while...
2) home: until I have decreased by collection by 1/2. I know how much is underneath my sink, and it's going to take me a while, but that's the point.

The problem that I have with BBW is that they just have SO many sales, and I end up buying a bunch because it's on sale and then I can't use it up fast enough. Then another sale comes, I buy more, and the stash grows. I'm just kind of tired of hoarding it, and it takes up a great deal of space in my bathroom at home where I don't have much room.

My one exception to this rule: I am allowed to buy hand sanitizer at school, but only ONE, and I am allowed to go redeem free product offers if they are no purchase necessary. But I either need to use up or sell (which is definitely an option) my BBW stash before I can continue to buy it in such large quanitities.

Say goodbye to those hauls for a while. But I'll probably re-evaluate the pan in the summer when the semi-annual spring/summer sale comes, since that time period is my favorite scents' sales.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

USA Graze Box #1!

This is my first Graze Box! This box just came to the US, and they were offering FREE boxes in order to let people try them out! Want a free box? Use one of my referral links listed at the end of this post! It's the only way to get into this website.

On the website, you can tell Graze what you'd like to try or what you'd like to trash. You can also rate the items that you get as LIKE and LOVE and they will send them to you again in the future! So here's what I got in my first box:

 This is what it looked like on the inside! SO excite to eat all it these things!

 This first thing is the Boston Baguettes. It came with some BBQ relish sauce. I haven't tried this yet, but I am really excited to dig into it! Even if I don't like the sauce, I'm sure the baguettes will be delish!

 This next food item was the Apricot Torte. Not going to lie, these things are ALREADY IN MY TUMMY. They were SOOOO good, and I will definitely get these again! LOVE
 This next item I was sent in the box was called Cookies and Cream. This is one of the desert options, but I haven't gotten a chance to try it. It looks really tasty though!
The last item that I got in the box were these Summer Berry Flapjacks. These were really fresh and delicious, but by the time I got to the third piece, I was full! No joke! But I'd get them again. Like

This is my first Graze Box! This box just came to the US, and they were offering FREE boxes in order to let people try them out! Want a free box? Use one of my referral links listed at the end of this post! It's the only way to get into this website.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

March Julep Maven Box!

This is what is in Julep's March box! This month, they also retired the "America Beauty" profile and instead replaced it with the "Modern Beauty" profile! I have to say, Julep has really listened to their fans, and I think that's a really great thing for a company to do!

Above are the colors that are coming in the box this month. They are really pretty pastels! That being said, I did skip this month's box, not because I didn't like the colors (on the contrary!) but I just feel like I have too many polishes, too many product, etc. and with Spring coming up, I'm just trying to declutter my life, as you will see in some upcoming posts.

Did you get the box? Let me know which profile YOU wen't with! If you aren't already a Julep Maven, you should check it out HERE! Your fist box is FREE with the code FREE BOX!