Thursday, September 27, 2012

Target Haul

I wanted to show you all another Target haul, but I wanted to talk about the reasoning behind these hauls as well. I did the college series, and I think it went pretty well, but I wasn't at college the entire time the series was going on, so I couldn't show you a lot of what was going on or what I was buying. I think these Target hauls are a good chance to show you guys what I've bought, and kind of "what do college kids eat and buy for their dorms." Hope that makes sense, and I hope you guys enjoy reading about these hauls as much as I like shopping at Target!

Now, on to the haul! Here is everything that I bought. Understand that the only things that were on my list were the detergent and the gum.

 I bought some new headbands for my hair. They were like $2 off in the clearance area. I don't why, but I bought them anyways! They are my favorite hair bands, and I lost all of my other ones.

 I needed some gum. So I tried this one.

 I blogged about these a while ago. You can find that post here. This is the first time I've ever seen these at my Target store, so I picked them up. They will make some great morning snacks on my way to class.

 I was craving some cashews. So I bought them. Whoops. And they are already opened. I couldn't even wait until the picture was taken to chow down. I was starving...

 I was craving these too. I got them in pretzel, regular cheddar, and Parmesan. I've already opened the pretzel ones, and I'm eyeing the Parmesan.

 This was actually on my list. Well, what was on my list was the mini surf detergent boxes. They didn't have that. So I got this. Which is made for high efficiency washers, so now I need to return it and get the right ones. Darn it!

This is from the Bzzcampaign that I'm a part of. I got it for free to try it out. The first one that I got was the cotton mandarin one, but I returned it because the top wouldn't spray AND because my roommate doesn't like orange scents. So yea. 

That's all! let me know what you got last time you went to Target!

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