Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Open Box Showing: Fall Soap Box

I'm so excited for this! I got my first box from Fortune Cookie Soaps! They are called the Soap Box, and this one is the fall soap box. This is what was in there:

 Just like most subscription sample services, this one comes with a card to tell you what is in the box!

 A coupon code for $10 off your next purchase.

And this is what was in the box! More detail of what was in there in the pictures below:

 The Something Nutty Milk Bath: "We couldn't decide on just one yummy fragrance, so we threw in all the things we most wanted to smell like for fall. A mouth-watering blend of vanilla, hazelnut, maple syrup, banana, coconut, orange, lime, grapefruit, bergamot, and clove."

 Fig and Berries Eco Suds: "A yummy blend of figs, currants, cranberries, acai berries, and raspberries."

 Ripe for the Picking OCD: "Close your eyes and imagine walking down the isles of a local Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning with a basket on your arm. Yeah, That!"

 Roast My Marshmallow Fortune Cookie Soap: "An ooey gooey smell of campfire roasted marshmallows."

 Cram You Face in My Sweet Pumpkin Pie Mask: "I'm pretty sure if I didn't bring back this fragrance from last year, there would be a revolt. Smells like pumpkin cupcake."

Snickerdoodle Whipped Cream: "You've always wanted to smell like a delicious concoction of cinnamon, butter, sugar cookie and allspice, right?"

 Pumpkin Coconut Crunch Itty Bitty Gritty Lip Scrub: "What could possibly make Pumpkin better than just Pumpkin? You guessed it! Coconut!"

A Roll in the Leaves Bath Fizzy: "Prepare your nose for a roll in the leaves. It will never be the same again."

I'm so excited to try everything out! Please let me know if you are familiar with some of this stuff. A lot of these things didn't come with instructions, so I'm not really sure how to use them all. Thanks!

Reviews will also be coming soon on individual items. Some of these items I can't use until I go home because I don't have a bath tub in my dorm room. But reviews will definitely be soon :)

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