Monday, September 3, 2012

Target Haul!

I went to Target over the weekend and I picked up a couple of things that I needed.
First, I picked up 6 100-pc notecards. I needed them for class.
Next, I got a pack of 18 white hangers. They are super cheap at Target, and I needed them for some clothes that I just bought (Haul coming soon!)

The last item that I bought was the whole reason I posted this haul: I got a spray bottle from the $1 area. My reasoning: my Treseme heat protectant spray wasn't spraying correctly, even though I had about 1/2 of the bottle left. When I tried to spray it it would just go everywhere and waste a bunch of product, so I went out and got a new spray bottle and now it works great!

Has anyone else had that problem with the heat protectant? Let me know!

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