Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shave Gel VS Soap

My roommate and I were discussing the fact that she uses shave gel to shave in the shower, and I didn't. I decided to pick up a bottle and do an experiment. Just call me Katie the Science Geek!

My Experiment: Does shave gel work better than soap? 

The soap I'm using: Bath and Body Works Shower Gel. This particular shower gel happens to be the I heart Watermelon Cherry that I just bought a week or two ago. 

The shave gel I'm using? Skintimate's Skin Therapy for dry skin. My legs are pretty dry usually, so I thought this one would be appropriate. I didn't know if different brands would give me different results, so I just picked whatever looked legit at the time. 

My Premise: I shaved my left leg with the shave gel. I shaved my right leg with shower gel. I'm conducted this "experiment" twice, and each time, I used the same leg, and the same razor on each leg, although I did have to switch razors between time one and two because the blade got dull on the first one. 

The result of this experiment? The shave gel wasn't any better than the shower gel. In fact, the shower gel gave me a better shave on my knees, and an equal shave on my legs. I do think however that the shave gel made my skin a little softer. I did notice that I cut myself both times on the shower gel side, whereas I didn't cut myself when I used the shave gel. Weird. 

My science teachers would be so disappointed that I called this an experiment, but I think it was successful, and a great way to test a product out against what I was already using. 

Do you shave your legs with a shave gel/cream or with soap? Let me know in the comments! 

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