Thursday, September 20, 2012

Plato's Closet Haul

Ever been to Plato's Closet? I hadn't until Labor Day weekend! The idea behind Plato's Closet is that you can go and sell your clothes to them, they give you money for them, and then people can buy them. It's like Half Price books, but for clothes. They only accept well-known label items, though, which is good and bad. It does mean that their clothes aren't dirt cheap. They are a little more expensive for already worn clothes, but if you look hard enough, you can find some treasures! Here is what I bought for $151 (including tax)!

*I apologize in advance for the picture quality. There isn't as much light as I would have liked. By the time I got back to my dorm that day, the sun was setting and I was racing against the sun to get these pictures taken!

 This is a sweater dress from Derek Heart. It's grey and navy blue stripes. I thought it would be cute for fall with some boots and tights, and it would let me keep wearing dresses in the fall without freezing.
I paid $8 for it.

 This is a pair of jeans from Old Navy. They are the dark wash Flirt style. They fit me like a glove, and since they are pre-worn, I don't have to break them in! I paid $12 for them.

This is a chartreuse yellow shirt from a store called Elle. It's got ruffles on the top and it's super flow-y on the bottom. I paid $7 for it.

 This is such a cute skirt from Express! It's just a ruffled skirt with an exposed zipper on the back. It's fits me amazingly! I paid $10 for it.

 This is a pair of jeans from American Eagle. They are a straight leg, but they fit me like skinny jeans, so I can wear them with boots. They are super comfy, which is why I was willing to pay $17 for them. This was the most expensive item I bought.

 This super cute flow-y grey top is from American Eagle as well. It's a triangle cut, with the front and back points longer than the side (I tried to show that in the first picture, but it's more apparent in the second picture!). It was $7.

 These are just two belts that I bought. The brown one is from BDG. It was a little loose in the waist, so I had my friend add a hole to the belt so that I could make it tighter. It was $5. I'm not sure where the black one was from, but it was the perfect fit. It was $3.

 This jean skirt is from American Eagle. It's the perfect fit, and it doesn't bunch up awkwardly anywhere. I love it, and it will be great for when my friends and I go country-western dancing. It was a steal at $6!

 This is just a simple top from Abercrombie and Fitch. It's a pink and grey striped shirt. This was the most-worn item that I got, but it's still in great shape, and it's super comfy and cute with shorts or jeans! It was $8.

 This shirt looks a LOT like the last one, but it's not. It was from Old Navy, and it's Pink and grey stripes on the top, then magenta and grey in the middle, and it ombre's down to purple and grey at the bottom. It's really comfy, and I think it will be great for fall. It was $5.

 This sweater is from a boutique I think, but the tag wasn't on there. It is just black and white stripes, but it was $30 on clearance. With the Labor day sale, I bought it for $15, and it's literally brand new.

 This is a grey long sleeved cardigan from the brand Dots. It has pockets and reminded me a LOT of my favorite black cardigan that I have. So I got it. It was $8.

 This is a eggplant colored cardigan, I swear. It's from the brand Pink Rose, and it was super comfortable. It was on the clearance rack for $16, but with the Labor Day sale, it was $8.

 This is another skin-tight dress that looked really good on me! It's from the brand Speechless from the line Lots of Love. It was $8.

 This dress is one of my favorites. It fits me perfectly, and literally everyone that I've shown it too tells me how adorable it is! It's from the brand Bebop, and it's a black dress on top with a grey and black flowery print on the skirt. It's adorable!!! It was only $8 too!!!

 Lastly, this is a dress that I picked up. It's from Hollister and it's a bright pink dress with light and medium blue flowers on it. It's also got a ruffle on the top and pockets on the skirt. It was $16, which is kind of expensive, but it looked so good that I couldn't pass it up!

In total, that is 15 clothing items, and two belts. That's a pretty great deal if I do say so myself! And a lot of items in there still have tags on them! I would definitely recommend checking Plato's Closet out! It's a great way to add some fun pieces to your wardrobe from brand name clothing companies without having to pay crazy cash for them!

Word to the wise: You really need to try things on there! Since the items are from a bunch of different brands, you can't assume you are the same size in everything! I was trying on anything that looked like it would fit, and the sizes that I ended up purchasing ranged from XS to a M. It really just depends. So, I would suggest just grabbing whatever off the racks that you think looks like something you'd wear, and they have some patience in the dressing rooms, trying the items on. I tried on probably about 60 things in all, and ended up getting this 15, so it really all depends.

Good luck finding some cool things! Comment below if you've ever shopped at Plato's closet, and let me know what your best find was!

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