Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Update: September 24th

Current Mood: Lazy.
Nail of right now? A severely chipped Sally Hansen Nail sticker thingies that I blogged about. Although, two of my nails are missing that. I just need to take it off, but I haven't yet.
What did I do this weekend? Not much. I went to two long rehearsals, and then I did a little bit of homework. But mostly I slept in until noon and then screwed around until rehearsal, and then went back to my room and screwed around until I fell asleep. Oh so productive...
What's planned for this week? Not much. Just my usual work, rehearsals, homework, classes, etc. I am going home next weekend though, so I'm really excited about that!
What am I looking forward to? CASTLE!!! The season 5 premiere is tonight, and I'm so excited! I love castle :)
What am I dreading? Getting everything done on time. I just have a lot to do :( Maybe if I started doing more on the weekend, I would actually not be so bogged down over the week.

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