Friday, August 31, 2012

College Series Day 27: Last Day and Final Advice

Today is Friday the 31st of August, which means that it is the last day of the college series! Happy? Sad? I'm not really sure at the moment, but I wanted to share some final advice with you all, and I will try to keep it short and sweet:

  • Be open to new people, new ideas, and new experiences. 
  • Go to class!!!
  • Don't be afraid to change your opinion of someone or something.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. You are there to learn!
  • Have fun. College is a really exciting and fun time, and I would hate to think that someone was unhappy the whole time. 
Like I've said a couple of times, if you ever have any questions or need help, please let me know! I would love to do something like this (but probably shorter) again next year, but it's really only going to happen if people have questions and thing that they want to know. 

Also, throughout September, I will begin normal postings. Please let me know if there is something you would like to see! Reviews, stories, hauls, etc. Whatever it is that you want to see, I'll try to make it happen! 

Hope you enjoyed the college series! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

College Series Day 26: Getting Out Of The Bubble

If you've been in college, you know what I mean when I say this: College keeps you in this invisible bubble. You see everything that is going on at college, but you barely venture outside of that bubble.

When I went off to college, I didn't know the community that I was in. I didn't know where anything was, and I think I was at a great disadvantage vs. someone who lived in that city their whole life. I decided to make it my mission to venture out there, even if it was just to go to on a short errand. I found places to volunteer at, I took my GPS into the car with me and went exploring to find the nearest Target, and I Mapquested the nearest mall and went out and shopped. While these may seem trivial, they got me out my bubble and into the "real world." I think that is really important, and I encourage all of you Freshman to get into your car, or if you didn't bring a car, then grab a friend and go exploring. Find your nearest target or Ulta  or SOMETHING. You could have an emergency and need to know where the nearest pharmacy is or something, and you'd have no clue where one is or how to get to it.

Here are a couple of places I think are important to find:
-Nearest Target/Walmart
-Nearest convenient store and drug store
-Nearest gas station and car wash
-Nearest grocery store
-Nearest car dealership in case you need repairs, oil changes, etc.
-Nearest bakery (I kid you not, this comes in handy when it's someone's birthday
-Nearest 24hr clinic/hospital so that if you are deathly ill or injured in the middle of the night and need medical attention, you aren't having to search online for it!

That's my tip for the day. Please feel free to comment down below and add to the list of important place to find

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

College Series Day 25: Separation From Home

I want to do this fast because I'm in the middle of a TV show!

Essentially, everyone deals with separation from their home and parents differently. It's just dependent on how close you were to your family before. To be honest, I am super close to my family, but I had NO trouble at all being away from home. I think it's because I've always been super independent and I know that they are just a text or call away.

My biggest tip is TEXTING. If your parents don't know how to text, teach them before you leave!! I had many days where I was just too busy to sit down and talk to my parents on the phone, so we would just talk through texts, and that way they can still feel like they are a part of my life/know what's going on. (Although, it's not my fault if your parents then decide to text you every morning while you are trying to sleep! That's what my parents do :P )

If you ever need someone to talk to or are lonely, I'm hear for you. But your parents are just a phone call away, and I'm sure they would be happy to hear from you. And you can always visit home :) Don't be lonely :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

College Series Day 24: Eating Right and Exercising

The Freshman 15. Oh so popular because of how much food you have access to without knowing where your limits are. The nice thing is that you CAN choose to eat right and exercise to keep that freshman 15 off.
Here are some ideas to keeping that weight off:

  • Walk around campus. It's super easy and it gets you out of your room and into the sun. 
  • Go swim in the pool. 
  • Join a sport or take a gym class. There are usually a lot of gym class choices, including dance classes. I always try to take a PE credit, even though I don't need them. It gives me a reason to get out there and exercise, because I know sometimes I'm not motivated. 
  • Find someone to go on a run with. It's so much easier to find motivation when you know you have someone counting on you to go with you. 
  • Set up a Wii in your room and get active! My roommate and I love doing this to get us active and going. 
  • Set up a workout routine. My roommate does 30 minutes of exercise every morning before she leaves for class, and she said she feels so much better every morning. 
As for eating right, it's pretty much common sense at this point. Don't eat french fries for every meal or get dessert. Just be smart about what you are eating, and make sure you are getting fruit and veggies and protein in MOST of your meals. It's perfectly acceptable to cheat from time to time and have a waffle for dinner. That's part of the college experience ;) 

Hope this gives you some ideas!

Monday, August 27, 2012

College Series Day 23: Monday Update

This is my first Monday that I've been in classes, and I wanted to give a little update.

I've been moved in for a while now, and classes started last Wednesday. Already, I know I'm going to have a lot of work to do. I did get into all the classes that I wanted though :)

I'm officially getting paid to work on campus! Yay! I'll have some income coming in, and I'll be able to hopefully do more reviews for you all!

Speaking of this blog, I haven't yet missed a day of posting my college series! I have been writing posts in advance though, and having them scheduled to upload on days that I know I'm going to be busy, so if you've noticed that all of my posts go up at a certain time, that's why.

I'm also already starting to plan out September's posts, so please let me know if there is anything you'd like to see! My college series is going to end when August ends, so it's fast approaching and I need ideas!

Overall, school is going well. My TV isn't working, and I haven't gotten a chance to get it fixed, which sucks,  but it's kind of okay for right now. I'm hanging in there. Sorry there isn't anything too eventful, but I've got some great things planned for you all in the upcoming month!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

College Series Day 22: Finding Time to Relax

It's Sunday, and if you have started classes already, you are probably already stressed out. I think it is super important to do your homework, but at the same time understanding when you are stressed or when you need a break, and when that happens, you need to find time to relax. Here are a couple of suggestions of things you can do to relax:

  • Pool Time!!! My college has an outdoor and indoor pool, and right now the outdoor pool is open, so my friends and I will go out there and tan or swim. It's a great way to cool off from the hot weather, and it's really relaxing to just sit there in the water for a while. 
  • Take a nap. Sometimes just letting your mind take a break in the form of sleeping is really what you need. 
  • Watch some TV. This can be kind of dangerous. If you decide to watch TV for a break, you need to set yourself a time limit. One hour show or 2 thirty minute shows is usually what I do. If you don't have a TV in your room or would prefer to watch it on Hulu or Netflix, just watch one show, and close the browser when it wants to auto-play the next one. 
  • Snack break. Grab some nutella and crackers, or some fruit and eat for a couple minutes. If my roommate and I haven't seen each other all day, I usually take a snack break when she gets back in the room so that it gives us some time to catch up. 
  • Go exercise. Whether it's on Wii-fit, taking a 30 minute walk or jog, or riding your bike around campus,  a 30 minute work out will give your mind something else to focus on instead of your homework. 
  • Read a magazine. I always hate when I get a magazine in the mail when I'm doing homework, because it just sits there and taunts me, but it doesn't have to. Tell yourself that you are going to work for 2 hours, and then take a break and read a couple of pages. It's a reward system that really helps me. 
Whatever you do, just don't be spending more time on breaks than on your homework. Work first, and play later. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

College Series Day 21: Buying Textbooks

BUY BOOKS IN ADVANCE!!! Whatever you do, don't buy them from the bookstores. They will jack up the price to a ridiculous amount.

When buying books, I'd suggest this site: Slugbooks
Just type in the ISBN number on the book that you need and it will search for the book on a bunch of different databases and find you the cheapest price. It's saved me so much money!

When it comes to selling back your books, I'd suggest selling them on Ebay, Amazon, etc. The school bookstore will give you practically nothing for them. I can get all of my money back from selling them on Ebay over the summer.

Want to rent books? This is probably the best option for big textbooks, but at the same time, you aren't going to get ANY money back when you return them. I even buy my bigger textbooks instead of renting them so that I at least get SOME money back at the end of the year.

It's really about preference. Rent or buy your books, whichever you prefer, but DON'T fall for the scam of buying books from the bookstore. It's such a waste of money. If the school tells you that you HAVE to get them new from the bookstore, contact your prof and see if you will even use the code. 90% of the time, they don't even use the codes, and if they do, you can usually buy them from the book publisher company and buy the book separately.

Friday, August 24, 2012

College Series Day 20: Boyfriends?

Is college a good time to get into a relationship with a guy? I think the most common answer is yes. I've been in a couple relationships in college, and they have not at all distracted from studying, yet I know a lot of people aren't so keen of dating during college because they say they are going to college just to get their degree and not to date.

Here's my take on the whole matter: if it is right, then it's right. You shouldn't push someone away because you want college to be about studying. That person could be your soul mate, and you'd never know.

Don't force a relationship though, because that will divert from your studies. There will be lots of drama, and it just won't be fun.

If you and another person mesh well and are attracted to each other, the let it happen. You may never get another chance to date them.

Just be safe everyone. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

College Series Day 19: Schedules Part 2

Part 2 is how to get into the classes that you want. You are a freshman, and most likely you have last pick of classes, which means that most of the good classes will be gone.
Some colleges actually reserve spots for freshman when the upperclassmen are registering, ensuring that you all have a chance. If that is the case, then you are much better off. But here are some tips nonetheless:

  1. Get waitlisted! When you register for classes and a class is full, it will give you the option of being put on the waitlist. Do it! If during Add-Drop someone decides that they don't want to take the class and they drop it, you might be given the opportunity of signing up for the class!
  2. E-mail the professor to get in. Sometimes if you are sitting far back on the waitlist, but you e-mail the prof and express your interest in taking their class, they will clear you for the class and you will get to register for it. It's totally worth e-mailing the professor and early on establishing a relationship with them. Likewise, if at all possible, go to them face-to-face and talk with them. But most likely even if you do, they will ask you to e-mail them so that they don't forget to let you register. So, start with the e-mail. 
  3. If you e-mail them and don't hear back and still really want into the class, go on the first day to their class (but don't skip a class that you are already registered in to go to that class!). Go early, and before class starts, talk to the professor and see if you can get into their class. Again, express your interest in their class. Most professors will be excited that you are excited about their class, and they will want to let you in. 
Hopefully, by then you will get to enroll, but if not, there is always next year! Good luck getting your perfect schedule!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

College Series Day 18: Schedules Part 1

I'm still tweeking my schedule, so I thought that today would be a good time to give some tips on figuring out the perfect schedule. This is part 1, which is where to start:

  1. Look at the class options. Highlight or make a list of what looks interesting to you (if you don't know your major) OR what you know you will need to take for you major (if you've decided on a major). 
  2. Bring that list to talk with your advisor. They can point you in the right direction and get your list whittled down for your first semester.
  3. I suggest picking a lot of common curric classes if you don't know what you want to do. To read more on that, visit yesterday's post here.
  4. Be considerate of your meals. Leave yourself time for lunch especially! You don't want to block out lunch and have class all day. It will suck, trust me. 
  5. Have your schedule written up in a table that shows what time each class is. Have back-ups for those classes in case you can't get into the one that you want.
Tomorrow will be part 2!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

College Series Day 17: Majors

Choosing a major either goes one of two ways: either you completely know what you want to do, or you don't.

If you know what you want to do, then go for it 100%. Get into the department as much as you can, and make as many connections as you can that will help you once you have your degree.

If you don't know what you want to do, don't worry!!! My suggestion is to try a bunch of classes and see what catches your eye. Likewise, if you love doing something but don't know if you could make a career out of it, go take a couple of classes in that field and talk to the professors about your reservations.

The most important advice is this: Talk to your advisor. If you have an idea of what you want in life, that's great and they can help guide you on that path. If you don't have any clue what you want your major or career to be, then they will help you to figure it out before you have to declare your major.

Monday, August 20, 2012

College Series Day 16: College Parties

I don't want to talk about college parties too much, because I feel like either a) you DO or you DO NOT want to go to parties and b) because the type of parties that you attend in college is usually pretty synonymous: lots of alcohol, and lots of people. I thought of a couple of things that might prove helpful to people who DO want to attend parties. If you don't want to go to parties, then I'll see you for tomorrow's post!

  1. Bring costumes to college. Most parties that I've been to in college have been themed, and expect you to show up in costumes. Even if you bring along a tiara and cat ears/bunny ears/and/or devil ears, those are pretty cheap ways to put together an easy costume. They also aren't too hard to pack. 
  2. WATCH YOUR DRINK. Of course I'm not going to suggest that you drink if you are under 21 in the US, but at the same time I know it's going to happen. But seriously, if you get a drink (EVEN WATER!!!) and leave it in a very crowded room, it's super easy for someone to walk over there and spike your drink without being seen. If you put your drink down somewhere and aren't watching it, just leave it there and don't go back for it. You don't want to run the risk of what someone could have put in there.
  3. If you plan on drinking, find a DD. I know everyone tells you this, but it really needs to happen. Don't think "oh, I can find a DD when I'm ready to leave" because you are going to be intoxicated, and not able to think clearly most likely, and you might make some bad decisions in the process. And if you plan on DDing someone who is drinking, do not leave the party without them!!! A lot of times, they will tell you to leave without them and that they will find other arrangements, but that usually doesn't safely happen, so if you take someone to a party, don't leave them behind when you leave. 
Those are really the only thinks that I feel REALLY need to be said at this point when it comes to parties. Drink responsibly, and be safe everyone! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

College Series Day 15: Roommates

The topic of roommates can be a touchy one, but it doesn't have to be. I know there are a lot of horror stories about bad roommates, and my stories from my Freshman year can definitely be included in that. But, at the same time, there are a couple things to remember going into becoming a roommate that can really influence what your roommate experience is like. Here are a couple roommate tips:

  1. Be open-minded. Whoever you room with is from a totally different family, school, background, etc. They are going to have different views and opinions on things that you may feel strongly about. Have an open mind, and be open to listening to what they have to say. 
  2. Compromise. Because you are probably two very different people, you may have some disagreements. Try to compromise when you two don't see eye to eye. Also, compromising means that each person gains something AND loses something in order to find common ground and solve a problem. 
  3. Don't go into it thinking you and your roommate are going to be BFFs. Either it happens naturally or it doesn't. Don't force it hoping for the best, because it will just leave people feeling resentful and unappreciated. 
  4. Be observant of their schedule. If you can, try and figure out when they like to go to bed, when the like to shower, and how studious they want to be, and then try to plan around their schedule. I'm not saying that you should let them do whatever they want whenever, but if they usually take a nap around 4pm, don't go back to your room at 3:55pm expecting to have a dance party and play loud music. If you can figure out when they usually do things, it can avoid any added drama when you interrupt their schedules. 
  5. Be willing to apologize. If you come in and turn the lights on late at night and they blink confusedly in bed, half asleep, apologize for turning on the light and waking them up. Little things like that can make someone else feel like they are being seen and heard. I know so many people who say that their roommates just kind of pretend like they aren't there, and they don't talk to them, and that can cause a lot of resentment. If you do something wrong, just apologize, don't try to pin it on them. It's not their fault that they were asleep and you turned on the lights. 
I know the biggest thing for me when I was having roommate troubles was that I felt like it was only me and my roommate that were having trouble, but know that you are not alone. There are other people struggling to make it work with their roommates too. Also, if you ever want someone to talk to, just shoot me an e-mail or a message. I always felt like I had no one to turn to when me and my roommate weren't getting along, and I don't want other people to feel like that. Good luck with your roommates! Feel free to share any stories that you have in the comments of you and your roommate that can hopefully help others, or just share some other tips and tricks!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

College Series Day 14: Making Friends and Finding Your Niche

This is kind of a continuation from yesterday. Making friends is going to be very dependent on orientation and your willingness to put yourself out there and introduce yourself to others. Here are a couple other ideas for making friends:

  • Keep your dorm door open. People in your hall will feel more comfortable walking by and introducing themselves. Likewise, if you see someone, introduce yourself. It's can't hurt, and I'm sure they'd be happy to feel like they know someone who lives in their dorm!
  • Get to class early so that you have time to make conversation with the people around you. If you show up just as class starts, you will lose the chance of talking to your peers and making friends. 
  • Sit with different people at meals. My roommate and I are already moved in, and we were in the dining hall watching the freshman eat. This was this girl that we saw walk up to another girl sitting alone, and they both introduced themselves and started talking. That's what I recommend. If you walk up to someone sitting alone and introduce yourself, they will be grateful for that, and they will remember your kind actions.
Just like finding friends, finding your niche in college is important. Whether it's in the theater department like me, or with a frat/sorority, finding your niche is an important part of feeling like you belong at college. Here are my tips to finding your niche: 
  • Try things you wouldn't normally try. If it sounds interesting, then give it a try. You may realize that you really like it and really love the people you are working with. 
  • Take different classes to fulfill your common curric needs. Take a HCOM class, take a science class, take and anthro class, etc. I know so many people who came in knowing what they wanted to major in and then finding something they really loved more through taking different common curric classes. 
  • Go to the involvement fairs. Learn about different clubs, and join some. It's okay if you figure out you don't like them, but at least you've tried them :)
These are just a couple of ideas. Just make sure that you try different things. Everyone is scared of doing something different, so it's no big deal. The worst that can happen is that you didn't enjoy yourself, which is fine because then you don't have to do it again. :) Hope this helps!! Let me know how YOU made friends in college/found your niche.

Friday, August 17, 2012

College Series Day 13: Orientation

I've been seeing so many Freshman walking around our campus as part of their orientation, so I figured it was about time to do this post!

Orientation is a time meant for students to get a feel for their surroundings and begin to make friends. Usually, there are a lot of sessions that you will have to attend in order to gain information on the school/what's going on.

The most important part of orientation is being open. Be ready to listen in sessions, and don't be afraid to ask questions. They do orientation for YOU and it's pointless to gain nothing from it. Likewise, go to as many sessions as you can.

I don't know if they do this at all orientations, but our orientation has a lot of games and group activities built in. SOCIALIZE. Don't sit in a corner and hope someone comes to talk to you. And have a good attitude about the games. Be willing to play the name-game no matter how stupid you think it is. The first impression people get of you is a lasting one.

Even if you don't have get-to-know-everyone games, go out of your way to meet people. EVERYONE there is new and looking to make friends, and it's up to YOU to put yourself out there enough and show people that you are interested in making friends. Go to events that are specifically set up as mingling events: Parties, concerts, mixers, etc. GO.

Let me know if you have any other questions about orientation. Our's was a week long right before school started, but I know some people have a two day jam-packed orientation in the summer. Every college is different. Just be open and eager to make friends. Be honest and truthful. In college, people want to be your friend for who you are, not who you pretend to be.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

College Series Day 12: Great Food For College Students!

I know the best food picks for college students are usually Ramen and Easy Mac, but to be honest, I don't like either, nor did I eat either one, so I made a list of things that I ate a lot in college:

  1. Cereal: Cereal was great breakfast food, but it was also a nice snack when you got hungry. What I really like is the cereal that is already in a bowl for you. They are really easy to take to class!
  2. Pop Tarts: Again, an easy on-the-go breakfast if you are running late. 
  3. Yogurt, Apple Sauce Cups, and Jello Cups: These kept me from exploding with hunger at odd hours. They are just filling enough to keep you from starving until your next meal. If my class ended at an odd time and I told someone that I would meet them at lunch at a certain time, but I was starving, I'd eat one of these to keep me full enough until I could meet them for lunch.
  4. Spray Cheese: If this isn't your thing, that's okay, but this was a great midnight snack with some crackers if I was up late studying. 
  5. Granola bars: Another great breakfast meal if you are running late. I'd suggest the Quaker Banana Nut Bread Soft Baked Bars that I talked about here. They fill me up and are super tasty! I'm always left hungry with other breakfast bars.
  6. Hot Chocolate: I cannot tell you how many times my roommate and I would come back to the room on a cold night and have some hot chocolate before we started our homework. It also makes your throat feel much better if you are sick or just have a sore throat from screaming too much at a football game or party :P
  7. Chex-Mix or Gold Fish: These were my preferred snacks when I wanted something salty. YUM!
  8. M&Ms and Pretzels together: This was a great snack when I was going to work out. Salty, sweet, and gave me a nice kick for my workout. I'd make myself a bag of these, eat a little bit before my workout, and then reward myself at the end with whatever was left. 
  9. Fresh fruit. This was something hard to get at the dining hall, and something that I think a lot of people forget about when they are eating. Plus, fruit tricks my taste buds into thinking I are eating something sweet, which is nice when I have a sugar craving. 
  10. Water. I had sodas and juice in my room too, but I took water to class with me every day in a water bottle. And it was de-lish. Those packs of water add-in (you know like koolaid where you add the packet of sugar to your water) were nice to have too when I wanted something besides water or soda. I used the propel packets, and they were a treat!
  11. Something in the freezer. I had pre-made dinners and well as taquitos, which was great for the two days that our campus lost power and the dining hall wasn't able to cook things. It was also great for late nights or days that the dining hall was closed. I knew that I'd still have a hot meal without having to drive off campus to get one.
  12. Lunchables. One of my friends made a habit of always having one of these around for a pre-made meal if she knew she wasn't going to have time for lunch. I ended up buying a couple of these for meals during fieldtrips where we were told to pack a lunch. 
If you are moved in like I am and headed to Target to get some snacks, I hope you consider buying some of these things! Let me know what food you think is important for college kids. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

College Series Day 11: Five Things I Wish I Had NOT Brought To College

Yesterday, I gave you all a list of things I wish I had bought to college, so I thought I'd tell you all what I wish I had NOT brought to college! Here goes it:

  1. A bunch of shoes. My roommate and I both did not pack our shoes seasonally. The floor of our closet looked like a shoe volcano had exploded, and it would have been a lot easier to bring shoes seasonally like we did our clothes. It especially didn't help that when we bought new shoes, we brought them to college but didn't take any home. Shame on us. 
  2. Pleasure books. I didn't read ANY of them. Instead I just read stuff off of my kindle. I think it's great to bring one or two books or your kindle, but I had like 8 books that I wanted to read, and they ended up taking up space on my shelves. 
  3. PJs: That sounds odd, but let me clarify: I didn't pack my PJs seasonally either. I had a bunch of shorts that were too cold in the winter, and a bunch of fuzzy and super warm pants that were too hot in the spring and summer. I didn't think that one through...
  4. My Robe: While fuzzy and warm on super cold days, I barely wore it. It just took up space in my closet.
  5. Candy: Big mistake. I get bored, and then I eat, and it just wasn't a great combo with a bunch of sugar in my room. Granted, I was also working out, but it just would have been better to have some healthier things in my room. 
As you can see, I had a less items that I regretted than I didn't regret. Most of what I brought was stuff that I used on a pretty regular basis. 

Let me know what you regret bringing to college and why! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

College Series Day 10: Ten Things I Wish I'd Brought to College Freshman Year!

As I am packing for college, I have started to think a lot about what I need to bring. Last year, I had a lot of success with the items that I brought, but I also forgot some important things. I've compiled a list of things that I wish that I'd brought, and I present to you the list of 10 things I wish I'd brought with me to college that I will DEFINITELY be packing up and bringing this time:
  1. A television. My roommate and I agreed that she would bring a TV to college, even though I was given one by my parents for college as well. Half way through our first semester, she removed the TV from our room because she didn't like the noise, which I didn't think was too fair. I ended up missing a lot of shows, but most importantly, I ended up missing the opportunity to have friends over to watch TV or movies. We used to have movie night in my room all the time, but when there wasn't a TV, there was a lot less social activity happening in my room, and I didn't meet as many people. 
  2. Games. Again, as a social thing, I wish I'd brought board games with me. When we had friends over, we ended up inviting a couple of people simply because we knew they had Apples To Apples or Monopoly. It's sad, but true. 
  3. A full length mirror. Like I mentioned before, my roommate and I didn't have one, but our suitemates did, and it was always so awkward when we asked to look at ourselves in the mirror before a party. 
  4. A fold up chair. My friend had a really comfy one to watch TV in, and I always wished I had one. We had plenty of room in our dorm for it, and it would have been nice for guests or for movie nights.
  5. More personal items and decorations. I have to say, my walls were pretty bare my Freshman year. I didn't think about what to do with my walls until I'd moved in, and I didn't actually end up decorating them until my second semester. I think it would have made my room feel more homey had I decorated and made my room my own earlier on. 
  6. Markers. Amazingly enough, college kids use markers all of the time. I wish I'd brought markers so that I could decorate my door a little more. 
  7. A bulletin board. I didn't think I'd need one, but I loved how it looked on my friend's wall. I'm definitely going to bring one this year so that I can decorate it and use it to remind myself of important things. 
  8. A backpack. I mentioned this on another college series day, but I ended up buying a backpack half way through the school year. I had an across the body bag, but it really started to hurt my shoulder when I was going up this great big hill on our campus that separates the classes from the dorms. 
  9. Movies. It would have been nice to have a bigger selection of movies for movie nights. 
  10. Rain boots or Umbrella. I got absolutely drenched going to class a couple of times, and I wish I'd brought an umbrella for class. Also, my shoes got soaked a couple of times, and it would have been nice to have rain boots for walking around outside.
I know too that one big thing a lot of people wished that they brought was a car. I had my car, so it wasn't on my list, but I loved the independence that it gave me, which I think is the biggest reason people regret not bringing their car. It definitely depends on where your college is located, because a car might not be practical on all campuses. But my roommate always said that she wished that she had her car so that she could go off campus sometimes just to get away from school, which I definitely understand and could relate to. Just a suggestion. 

If you've been to college, let me know what things you regret not bringing! See you all tomorrow!

Monday, August 13, 2012

College Series Day 9: Different Ways To Pack

I'm officially 2 days away from leaving to go back to college, so I thought that I would do another packing blog post. One thing that I have noticed about move-in day is that there are many different ways to pack your stuff up for college. I thought I'd share them with you in order to give you some choices on what way would be best for you.

  1. Use a suitcase. Using a couple of suitcases to pack your stuff works okay, but anything too large (like a full length mirror) or awkward (like a desk lamp) are going to either have to be bought in your college town on move-in day, or packed separately in your car if you are driving vs. flying. Now, by packing things in suitcases, you are able to roll all of your belonging to your room instead of carrying them, but make sure rolling is an option. My college's freshman dorms didn't have elevators since there were only 3 floors to each building, so if you had a second or third floor room, you are going to have to carry those heavy suitcases up two flights of stairs. And any misc. items that didn't fit in your car will have to be carried separately, which can sometimes take more trips. When it comes to moving out at the end of the year, my suitemate was from out of state and was flying home, but she ended up leaving a LOT of items at the dorms or throwing a lot of things out because the either couldn't be shipped or couldn't be packed. Just things to consider. I suggest if nothing else packing your clothes in suitcases. 
  2. Use moving boxes. These are easy and cheap to get, and they allow you to fold up the boxes when you are done. What is also helpful is that if your mom and dad drove with you to your college, they can take the folded up boxes back home so that they don't take up space, and then bring them back at the end of the year for you. You could alternatively use boxes to ship all of your stuff to school if you are flying to college instead of driving. I ended up packing some of my clothes in boxes, but anything that had to be hung up was packed in a black bag still on it's hanger with the bottom of the bag punched out like a garment bag. I saw a lot of people doing this. 
  3. In clear storage containers. This is a lot like packing in boxes except that you can see what is in each box. This option is a lot more expensive though from packing in boxes, especially if you don't intend to use all of the storage containers in your room. My roommate had 2 storage containers and the rest were boxes. She kept both storage containers for in our room, and sent the boxes back with her parents. It worked out well. If you are intending on bringing one of those clear rolly-drawer things (:P) then I suggest you pack things in them so that they aren't empty in your car and taking up space. Just make sure you tape the drawers closed so nothing falls out in transit.
I tried to cover as much ground as I could. but comment down below if you have any other tips for packing things for college! Let's help each other out!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

College Series Day 8: Furniture in Dorms & Maximizing Space

Moving in to dorms can be a challenge because you don't have endless space in your car to pack up a bunch of furniture. You will want to check with your college to see what is provided in your dorm. Most dorms provide you with:

  • A wooden bed frame and mattres
  • A side table
  • A desk
  • A chair
  • And some provide a mini-fridge and microwave either for free or that you can rent. 
Story time: I have an older sister and I helped her move in to college her freshman year. I remember seeing a couple of guys walk past us carrying a massive couch, a bookshelf, and a table, none of which were going to fit in his small freshman dorm! They carried them up 3 flights of stairs and then figured out there wasn't going to be enough room, and had to carry them back down 3 flights of stairs and put them back in their car and take them back home. 
Don't be that kid. You don't need a bunch of furniture at all. All you might possibly need furniture-wise is patio furniture IF you have a patio, or possibly a comfy fold up chair for in your room. Nothing else. Seriously. 

There may not be a ton of furniture in your room, but you room is going to be small, so you are going to want to maximize as much space as you can. I suggest: 
  • Bed risers or bunking your beds. Bunking your beds won't allow for much storage underneath your bed, but it will allow for other things to be put where the second bed would have taken up space. Raising your bed allows you to store things under your bed. Last year, one of my friends stuck her desk under her bed so that she could put her comfy chair and television in a sitting room style where her desk used to be. Or, you can put a bunch of storage containers under there with your luggage/boxes that you used to move in. Whatever works :)
  • Stack things vertically. Every storage container or shelving unit should have a lid so that something else can be stacked on top of it. You aren't going to have much floor space, so taking advantage of how tall your room is will work to your advantage. This also goes for your closet and underneath your bed. The more you can stack on top of something (safely!), the better. 
College dorm rooms aren't for displaying things on your shelves. It's going to be about fitting as much on those shelves as possible. You can still decorate your room in other ways, but don't waste space for decorating purposes. Hope this helps and I'll see you tomorrow!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

College Series Day 7: Where To Buy From & How Much Money?

College is already expensive enough, but having to buy a bunch of new things for your room can add up fast. Here are a couple of tips to keep that cost down:

  • Shop around. Don't buy all of your things from Bed, Bath & Beyond because you are lazy or ran out of time. Shop around Target, Walmart, etc. to find the best deals. Sometimes, it's easier to do this online, and I definitely suggest that you do.
  • Buy practically, not by packaging. Packaging always sucks me in, but it can be a lot more expensive to buy the cutest things. Buy cute bedding that you are going to be happy with for a while, as well as a couple of other cute items, but you don't need to buy a pink laundry basket if it's going to cost you twice the price of a white one. Just know when to buy for looks, and when to buy for 
  • Pay more for quality. Buy things that you know will last you for 4 years, not things that are cheaper that will only last you one year, or barely hold up for a semester. At the same time, don't spend a bunch of money on things that you might throw out at the end of the year like, for example, a bathroom rug that is all gross. 
  • Reuse as much as you can! If you have a lamp that you aren't using at home, use that instead of buying a new one. Don't buy things that aren't going to be necessary. 
  • Keep your receipts! A lot of times, you will buy something going in as a freshman that you end up not using. Keep the receipt so that you can return things if you don't use them. 
  • Set a budget for yourself and be conscious of how much you are spending on things. It will help you from spending a fortune on your new room. 
  • Don't buy everything at once. Buy what you truly think is a necessity, and then if you decide half way through the semester that you really need that body pillow, for example, then you can purchase it when things might be a little cheaper, or when you or your parents has some extra money in the bank. 
  • Buy a couple things at school. I have a list of things like shampoo, conditioner, nail polish remover, etc. that can be bought at Target when I get down to school. These things aren't necessary for the moment that I move in, and it will save you some space when you move it, and possibly some money if they are cheaper at a local store down by where you are going to school. 
Hopefully these suggestions will help you when you are buying things for college! Remember, don't buy everything at one time! Space it out, and really think about what you need, and what you think is going to last you for 4 years. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

College Series Day 6: Packing List!

I only have 5 more days until I'm back at school, so I am packing up to go back to school! I thought I'd make a list of things that I think you need to pack for college.


  • Bedding: Twin XL sheets, comforter, pillow cases, pillows, mattress pad,  and a cuddly blanket :)
  • An extra set of sheets in case you spill something on your bed/the others are in the laundry.
  • Storage containers for all of your stuff :)
  • Food-you can either bring it from home or buy it at Target when you get there. It really doesn't make too much difference.
  • Shower items: flip-flops, shower caddy/shower organizer, shampoo, conditioner, razors, face wash, etc.
  • Personal bathroom items: Feminine items, make-up (now is NOT the time to bring your entire collection ladies), nail polish (again, don't bring your entire collection. It was hard for me not to...), hair brush and comb, tooth brush and toothpaste, and anything else you need in the bathroom including hot tools, things to take off your make-up and polish with, etc. BRING A TOOTHBRUSH holder! Nothing is more gross than leaving your toothbrush out on a counter that other people sit on or so nasty things on. Just saying.
  • Towels-2 sets (my roommate only brought one, and she ended up having to constantly wash them. She really regretted not bringing a second set.)
  • lamp
  • Things to entertain with: a couple games, a frisbee (this actually is a great thing to have!), books, magazines, movies. It's also helpful to have an extra blanket for guests to sit on. You'll probably have a lot of friends over, so think about that. 
  • Clothes. Duh. And a laundry basket. Pretty much anything I talked about in my last post. And a full length mirror.
  • Picture, posters, lights, etc to hang on your wall. Again, anything that pertains to you from day 3's post. Also, any personal stuffed animals or other personal items that you think will make you not miss home. 
  • Water bottle. This is a MUST!
  • Kitchen items like storage containers, cups, plates, etc. I actually bought 4 bowls for a couple of dollars at Target and then used disposable plates and silverware. It worked well because I didn't have to bring that stuff home. 
  • Rug for your room or bathroom
  • Backpack and school supplies
  • Desk items like stapler, scissors, tape, etc. A lot of this stuff can be bought at Target when you get down to school if it's a problem. 
  • EXTENSION CORD (at least one!!!) It's so important! Also, a plug strip that gives you more outlets to plug things into. They are so helpful!
  • Room fragrance! Whether it is a spray or one of the wall plug-ins, they make a huge difference, especially if you live in a suite and your bathroom is connected to your room!
  • headphones 
  • USB drive
  • Printer. This thing saved my life! Also bring some ink for your printer. And paper.
  • Body pillow or one of those sit up pillows
  • TV
  • Hand vacuum. It came in handy, but you can probably find someone on your hall that has one. I always used my suitemate's. 
  • Microwave and mini-fridge if your room doesn't already have them (most do I think, and if not, you can usually rent one from the school)
  • Water purifier. I didn't have one, and neither did my roommate, but my suitemates did and they swore by it. 
  • Patio furniture if you have a patio

I tried to keep these lists super general because I know they will change for every person. Feel free to post in the comments below if there is anything that you think is important and should be added to my list! I'm sure I forgot a bunch of things, but I figure if we all pitch in, we can come up with a pretty complete list! So let me know what YOU bring to college! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

College Series Day 5: Clothes To Bring To College/ Maximizing Space

It's a little known fact that college dorm rooms are small, but the closet in a college dorm room is even smaller. Here's a couple of tips of what clothes to bring to college and a couple of ways to organize your closet to get maximum space:

  • Bring your clothes to college seasonally. You are going to college in the fall, and the next FOR SURE break will be Thanksgiving. Bring your summer/fall wardrobe to college when you first move in. Then, during Thanksgiving, take your summer clothes home and bring your winter clothes to school. During Christmas break, bring your fall clothes home and take your spring clothes, and then during Spring Break, take your winter clothes home and bring you summer clothes (if your school gets hot around April/May.) You will never have to be rifling though your closet when you are late for class and be frustrated when your winter coat is in your way in the Spring. This rule goes for shoes too. You don't want to be tripping over your Ugg boots in the Spring/Summer. 
  • ORGANIZE YOUR CLOTHES. Someday (or everyday) you will be running late for class or for an activity, and you will need to grab clothes fast. It's SO much easier to have your clothes right where you need them and organized, instead of having to look through everything. I know that I came home from an activity and had like 10 minutes to change for a party, and it was so easy to know where my clothes were so all I had to do is go in and quickly grab what I wanted. 
  • Think about what you are going to wear the night before. I know this sounds silly, like your mom telling you to pick out your clothes the night before, but it actually helps. What I do, is when I get into bed and turn out the lights, I start thinking about the next day, what I have planned, and what I want to  wear. Giving your mind something specific to think about will help you fall asleep, and knowing what you are going to wear the next morning will save you time that you would have spent standing in your closet trying to think about what you want to wear. Now, of course, the weather is iffy, and your outfit might change in the morning when you realize it's raining or snowing or something, but at least it gives you a base point to start out with. 
  • Bring about 14 different outfits total. That's two weeks worth of outfits, which is enough time for you to do your laundry every week. You aren't going to have much more room than that in your closet. 
  • Get a full length mirror! My roommate and I didn't have one, and we always ended up having to go into our suitemates room and ask to use theirs, which got kind of awkward when we were going to a party that they weren't. Full length mirrors are super cheap at Target or Walmart, and they are a MUST!
  • Get a laundry basket that stands on it's own. I have the typical white laundry baskets that are rectangular and that sit up on their own. I actually had two: one for clean laundry, and one for dirty laundry. It was super easy, because the clean laundry basket had a purple ribbon on it to indicate it was clean, and because they are those sturdy white laundry baskets, they fit easily inside of each other. So, I'd stack the dirty one on top of the clean one. Now, you definitely don't have to do that, but you should at least have a laundry basket that stands up. It's actually going to take up less space than one of the bags because the bags can't stay vertical as easily. They will end up taking up a lot of space in your closet, and they will give the illusion of a dirty closet.
  • Get thin hangers. This is something I wish I'd done, because it really does save a lot of space. 
Your closet is going to take some organizing, so know that coming into college. If you keep it organized, it will be kind to you. If you don't, it's just going to cost you more time later on. To sum up: Keep your closet organized, you don't need your entire wardrobe, and save space however you can :) Hope this helps and good luck!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

College Series Day 4: Dorm Haul

I've already got a lot of what I need for college, but I did need a couple new things this year for college.
I purchased all of these items from Target, and these items are definitely necessities for me.

First, I got a new shower caddy. Last year, I bought one for all 4 of us girls that shared out suite bathroom. It was a stand up caddy with 4 shelves and it fit floor to ceiling in the side of our shower. This year, since it is only going to be my roommate and I sharing a bathroom, my shower caddy is going above the shower head, and hers is going over the door.

Next, I got a new mattress cover. Target doesn't have the Twin XL mattress covers, but a full works just as well. I used a full last year on my twin XL bed, and all you have to do is tuck the excess under the mattress. I definitely suggest getting one of these, because you never know how... promiscuous the person was before you that slept in your bed. And you should ALWAYS throw it away at the end of the year. They are cheap covers, so throwing it away at the end of the year is no big deal.

Command Strips. Enough said. But no really, you need them. No question. They have infinite uses, and no matter what, you will find a way to use them. I bought hooks and picture hanging strips. They all remove easily from the wall without taking off the dorm room paint.
Lastly is a purple rug. I always buy a cheap one from either Target or online that I can just throw it away at the end of the year when it is nasty. Just make sure you buy one that can be thrown in the washer. This one is from Target. It's fuzzy. I like it.

I'll probably be buying more things for my dorm room. One thing I suggest is make a list of things that you need and buy it down where you go to school. That way, you don't have to lug everything to college with you. I just know these things are going to be in high demand (especially the mattress cover and the command hooks) and last year, they were no where to be seen at any place on move-in day. Everyone had bought them all up, and it was worth lugging them down to school with me from home.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

College Series Day 3: Dorm Decorating 101

Dorms are like little prison cells. They have white walls, a bed with a mattress, a desk, an uncomfortable chair, and a closet. Sometimes, you have a roommate that you like, and sometimes you have a roommate from hell. BUT the good news is that there are lots of ways to make the room feel like home, even if it feels like a prison cell with a roommate from hell :P

Here are some ideas to brighten up your dorm room:

  • Pick a bedspread that is bright and cheery. It doesn't have to be neon pink for crying out loud, but a bedspread with some color can really distract you from the boring walls and furniture. 
  • Pick a fun color scheme for your room. My color scheme was pink and purple. A color scheme will tie your room together and make it feel like home. Again, I'd suggest bright colors. There is a reason why most college dorm items come in turquoise blue and pink. Take advantage of it. 
  • Hang up some lights on the wall. Command hooks will be your best friend, and Christmas lights will make your room so pretty :) I got some purple Christmas lights and hung them up with hooks, and my roommate and I loved them. 
  • Hang up pictures of your friends from back home. They will take you down memory lane when you are feeling homesick as well as make you smile in the morning. Make sure you add pictures of the friends you make in college. :)
  • Two words: Wall decals. You can get them pretty much anywhere that sells college items. They easily peel off of the wall when it's time to move out, and they give the illusion of being painted on the wall without using paint. Paint is a no-no in most dorms.
  • Personalize with DIY projects. Pinterest has some great ideas for ways to personalize any room, and as long as you can hang it on your walls with a command hook or command velcro, it's allowed :) 
  • Posters. Posters are a BIG DEAL at college. Everyone has one. I just ordered a Hunger Games poster for my room from Amazon. If you don't know where to get one, or don't see one online that you like, most schools will sell posters pretty cheap the first week of school in the campus bookstore. That way, you are sure to have room on your walls for them. Another great place to look is
If you have decorated your dorm in a different way than I have suggested above, let me know in the comments below! We can all share our ideas to create a pretty fancy dorm :) 

Pictures from various sites on google.

Monday, August 6, 2012

College Series Day 2: Backpack or Satchel?

For me, this was a trial and error kind of thing. I started my Freshman year off with an across the body satchel, but I very quickly figured out that my shoulder wasn't prepared to carry the weight of my text books, laptop, and everything else I had for that day all the way up the hill to my classes. I gave my dad the across the shoulder bag because he said he'd use it for work, and I grabbed a tote bag from my closet. This gave me the same problem. So, I went to Target looking for a backpack, and I found one for $7. It was a steal, but it only lasted me one year and my trip to Europe. So, this year I opted for another backpack.

Usually, I want something purple since it is my favorite color, but I found this one at Office Depot. It was $15 off. It's a JanSport, which is nice and big and lasts forever! I know it's kind of blinding on camera, but it's probably as blinding in real life. It's a neon coral and I love it. I joke that now people can spot me from Google Earth walking to class! I don't know why I didn't go with purple, but something about this color makes me happy every time I see it.

I definitely think that a backpack is the best way to go, but that's my personal opinion. I might just be too wimpy that I don't have enough upper body strength to have a tote bag to go to class with. I dunno. I do know that my marketing book and pysch book are wicked heavy, and I'll need them on the same day without being able to go back to my room, drop one book off and get the other one. So, I'm going with a backpack. No question there. But a lot of people in college use a backpack. About an equal number have a shoulder bag or tote bag. It's just up to the individual. But there are definitely a lot of mature colors and prints for backpacks that you can buy for college students.

Let me know in the comments what you carry your books to class with!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

College Series Day 1: School Supplies Haul

I may be a Sophomore in college, but I still need school supplies! Here's what I've bought so far from Target and Office Depot:

I know it's not much. Most of what I need (Pens, pencils, spirals, etc.) I've bought from previous years when Target does their supplies clearance at the end of August. Everyone is pretty much in school by then, and Target severely discounts their supplies to get ready for the next season. I bought a bunch of stuff last year when they did the clearance, but one thing that I really didn't buy because they didn't have any of was binders, and I found so many uses for binders last year but I didn't have any. So this year, I've stocked up. 

I have three 1 1/2in binders in aqua blue, black (this is for theater), and green. I got these from Target on sale for $3 a piece. The different colors were the same price as the black and white ONLY if you bought Target's Up and Up brand instead of the name brand, which I have no problem doing to save some money.
I also bought four 1in binders in black, lavender, light blue, and light green. I got these on sale at Office Depot for $2.50 a piece as well, and the Life Touch brand was MUCH cheaper than the other Wilson Jones binders that were the same size. Again, the colored ones cost as much as the black and white, but I still got a black one for theater. 
Lastly, I got 2 purple 14 pocket folders from Office Depot. These things are so much better in my opinion than individual folders. All of your papers for your different classes are in one place. I don't know what I would do without them. I bought one for each semester, because they do get pretty beat up. These were not on sale, but they are my holy grail for back-to-school. 

My best advice for school supplies is this: Stock up while you can and buy on sale. I may not need all of these binders this year, but I got them while they were on sale and I can save them for the next couple of years. If you can, stock up at Target when they clear everything out. You can get some cute things for MUCH cheaper than normal. 

I would also suggest not getting your school stuff from just one place. I know it's easier, but you'll save money if you buy from different places. Target didn't have the 1in binders on sale, but Office Depot did. Just compare prices before you commit to buying. If you need to go to Target for something, take a list of things that you need for school and write down the prices at Target for those things. Then you can take that list to Office Depot, Staples, Office Max, Walmart, or wherever you go, and if you find something cheaper, get it there. If not, head back to Target and get it there. 

Hope this helps! Buying school supplies is one of my favorite parts of going back to school, and it should be as stress-free as possible. Have fun with it, and buy yourself some fun colored binders, pens, or something that will make doing your work so much more fun!

College Series Launch!

College Series is a GO! I've decided that I wanted to do this college series to help out anyone who may be headed off to college for their freshman year, or just for people who want to start thinking about going to college. College is an exciting time in someone's life, and I for sure am excited to go back to college!

I thought I'd start out by fully introducing my situation: 
I am going to be a Sophomore in college this year with a double major in Theater and Communication. Theater pretty much eats up my life, from rehearsals to performances to experiencing as much theater in the community as I can. Last year, I lived in the First Year dorms on our campus. I had a roommate and shared a bathroom with two other girls (which is called a "suite style" dorm room). Our room was pretty big last year, and the way we had it organized, my roommate and I had a lot of open space for ourselves. Each year, everyone randomly gets a lottery number, and the lowest numbers get to pick rooms first. There are only 3 Sophomore dorm options to choose from. If you don't get in one of those, you are put on the wait list, and when people start dropping out for various reasons or getting cleared to go abroad, rooms start opening up for the people who are on the wait list. My roommate and I were put at the top of the wait list, and we recently found out that by our lucky stars we got into the best Sophomore dorm available, and we have no suitemates. The whole place is to ourselves. OMG. So, when I haul things, tell stories, etc. just keep these circumstances in mind. I'm buying things that my roommate and I will share, packing things that my roommate and I will use, but with full knowledge that we will have extra bathroom space without suitemates.

And now, without further ado, let the College Series begin! It is beginning on August 5th and will end when August ends. Hope you enjoy, and let me know if there are any advice posts/things that you would like to see/know!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

What's In My Beach Bag/Pool Essentials

I've seen all of the YouTube gurus posting videos about their "essential" pool bag needs. To be honest, I find some of these videos kind of silly. I mean, if you take 20 things to the pool, then you are taking 15 things too much. This is what I think needs to be taken to the pool:

The bag is from Bath and Body Works if anyone was wondering. It's from the Mothers Day VIP bag.
Anyways, in the bag, I have 2 magazines that I need to catch up on, a towel, flip-flops (which would probably be on my feet), and sunblock (the one shown is the Hawaiian Tropic lotion sunscreen with an SPF of 30.I also think that it would be a good idea to have a snack if you were planning to spend the day at the pool or beach, as well as some hand sanitizer, but I have some on my keys, so I wouldn't have it in my bag. You might also consider bug spray, because I know West Nile Virus is a big concern right now.

Last but not least, feminine products would be a good idea as well, if you know what I mean ladies. The little purple bag has a couple of Tampax Tampons in there just in case. The bag is super cute, and it lets me be discrete while I'm on my period. No need for the whole beach to know if my bag spills open that I have tampons in there, especially since most beach bags don't have pockets in them to hide tampons! I also put a couple of hair ties in there so that I can easily find them if I need to pull my hair back. This purple bag is just perfect for those feminine products, and it's girly too. (Alway's new line of tampons work wonders too. They are super discrete and there won't be any leaks to worry about with your bikini! If you are interested in checking out their new line, visit here and here.)

Lets be serious though: The only makeup you need is MAYBE a waterproof mascara. You don't need anything else, because it's just going to wash off in the water. :)

Let me know what you bring to the pool in the comments below!

Disclaimer: The Hawaiian Tropic sunblock and the tampax bag with tampons was provided for review by Influenster. I am not being paid for this post. All opinions are my own.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Top 5 Current Favorite Songs

My favorite thing to do in my car is sing along with the radio and there have been a couple of songs that I'm addicted to recently:

  • What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. I know this song is by a boy band and somewhat juvenile, but it gets stuck in my head every time I hear it. It's just so happy and pop-y that I love it. Don't judge. 
  • Eyes Open by Taylor Swift. I love Tay Swift in general, but this song was made for the Hunger Games movie, which I am obsessed with right now. Tay Swift+Hunger Games=great song. Well, not necessarily, but in this case that equation stands true :) I just love the lyrics of the song, and the message. I feel like Katniss when I sing it with my Katniss braid in my hair!
  • Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. This song gets stuck in my head too. It's just a happy song, and I just love it. I can't explain it. 
  • Payphone by Maroon 5. Again, the lyrics get me on this one and I'm a hopeless romantic, which doesn't help. Love it though :)
  • Starships by Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is the in my mind right now. Her songs are always super catchy, and I can't help myself when I sing along to this song.
These songs are my top 5 songs of the moment (in no particular order). I like pop songs that are super catchy as well as ballad like songs that have pretty lyrics. I'm getting ready to make a mix CD for my car, and I thought that I'd share my favorite songs with you. I still have some room on the CD, so please comment down below and tell me what your favorite songs are!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Julep Maven Boho Glam August Box

I got my Julep Maven box in the mail yesterday! Here it is:
I changed my profile this month to Boho-Glam (I took two quizzes to see if they really did do a style profile of an individual. The e-mail that I ended up ordering my first box was with the It-Girl profile instead of what I believe I really am, which is Boho Glam, and what my first real style profile said I was.) and I'm very happy that I did.

I received the featured nail polish remover, as well as the polishes Piper (the green metallic) and Isla (the pearly white metallic). I fell in LOVE with these colors, and if it weren't for these two colors being in the same box, I would have skipped this month only because I have a lot of metallic colors already in my collection. I'm very excited to wear these polishes. They are super unique, and just downright gorgeous.

Also in the box was a Julep Maven mini tote bag, which is coming to college with me. It's the perfect size for taking a lunch in, if you aren't in college yet, or even if you are in college and you don't have time for lunch, just throw some food in there and you are good to go! The boxes don't usually come with a tote, but they made them for their birthday month, which I thought was cute :)

Hope you are having a great day! I'm off to dinner with my family, and then to paint my nails!

If you want to try Julep Maven boxes, but don't know if they are worth $19.99, try your first box for a PENNY with the coupon code: PENNY at checkout. Visit HTTP://JULEP.COM/?R=22336094 .

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen

This is the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF30 Lotion Sunscreen. I wanted to do a quick post about this sunscreen because it was a life saver when I was working at the theater camp that I've mentioned. I know what you are thinking "Theater camp and sunscreen don't go together" but they do. We would take the kids outside for breaks and let them run off a lot of energy, not to mention that a lot of the construction that we did for the set was done outside. So, I was outside a lot, and this sunscreen was a lifesaver. It left my skin moisturized but also didn't make my skin smell like sunblock, which was the most important thing. I smelled instead like a caribbean oasis (which is the only thing that I can think that it smells like), which is infinitely better than smelling like sunscreen. I also didn't notice that sticky feeling that you get from putting sunscreen on. It just felt like I had lotion on my body.

If you are going out in the sun soon, I'd highly suggest using a sunscreen so you don't get burned, and if you are looking for a sunscreen, definitely pick this up and try it!

Disclaimer: I did receive this product for review from Influenster, but my reviews are honest.
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