Sunday, August 26, 2012

College Series Day 22: Finding Time to Relax

It's Sunday, and if you have started classes already, you are probably already stressed out. I think it is super important to do your homework, but at the same time understanding when you are stressed or when you need a break, and when that happens, you need to find time to relax. Here are a couple of suggestions of things you can do to relax:

  • Pool Time!!! My college has an outdoor and indoor pool, and right now the outdoor pool is open, so my friends and I will go out there and tan or swim. It's a great way to cool off from the hot weather, and it's really relaxing to just sit there in the water for a while. 
  • Take a nap. Sometimes just letting your mind take a break in the form of sleeping is really what you need. 
  • Watch some TV. This can be kind of dangerous. If you decide to watch TV for a break, you need to set yourself a time limit. One hour show or 2 thirty minute shows is usually what I do. If you don't have a TV in your room or would prefer to watch it on Hulu or Netflix, just watch one show, and close the browser when it wants to auto-play the next one. 
  • Snack break. Grab some nutella and crackers, or some fruit and eat for a couple minutes. If my roommate and I haven't seen each other all day, I usually take a snack break when she gets back in the room so that it gives us some time to catch up. 
  • Go exercise. Whether it's on Wii-fit, taking a 30 minute walk or jog, or riding your bike around campus,  a 30 minute work out will give your mind something else to focus on instead of your homework. 
  • Read a magazine. I always hate when I get a magazine in the mail when I'm doing homework, because it just sits there and taunts me, but it doesn't have to. Tell yourself that you are going to work for 2 hours, and then take a break and read a couple of pages. It's a reward system that really helps me. 
Whatever you do, just don't be spending more time on breaks than on your homework. Work first, and play later. 

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