Wednesday, August 8, 2012

College Series Day 4: Dorm Haul

I've already got a lot of what I need for college, but I did need a couple new things this year for college.
I purchased all of these items from Target, and these items are definitely necessities for me.

First, I got a new shower caddy. Last year, I bought one for all 4 of us girls that shared out suite bathroom. It was a stand up caddy with 4 shelves and it fit floor to ceiling in the side of our shower. This year, since it is only going to be my roommate and I sharing a bathroom, my shower caddy is going above the shower head, and hers is going over the door.

Next, I got a new mattress cover. Target doesn't have the Twin XL mattress covers, but a full works just as well. I used a full last year on my twin XL bed, and all you have to do is tuck the excess under the mattress. I definitely suggest getting one of these, because you never know how... promiscuous the person was before you that slept in your bed. And you should ALWAYS throw it away at the end of the year. They are cheap covers, so throwing it away at the end of the year is no big deal.

Command Strips. Enough said. But no really, you need them. No question. They have infinite uses, and no matter what, you will find a way to use them. I bought hooks and picture hanging strips. They all remove easily from the wall without taking off the dorm room paint.
Lastly is a purple rug. I always buy a cheap one from either Target or online that I can just throw it away at the end of the year when it is nasty. Just make sure you buy one that can be thrown in the washer. This one is from Target. It's fuzzy. I like it.

I'll probably be buying more things for my dorm room. One thing I suggest is make a list of things that you need and buy it down where you go to school. That way, you don't have to lug everything to college with you. I just know these things are going to be in high demand (especially the mattress cover and the command hooks) and last year, they were no where to be seen at any place on move-in day. Everyone had bought them all up, and it was worth lugging them down to school with me from home.

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