Tuesday, August 28, 2012

College Series Day 24: Eating Right and Exercising

The Freshman 15. Oh so popular because of how much food you have access to without knowing where your limits are. The nice thing is that you CAN choose to eat right and exercise to keep that freshman 15 off.
Here are some ideas to keeping that weight off:

  • Walk around campus. It's super easy and it gets you out of your room and into the sun. 
  • Go swim in the pool. 
  • Join a sport or take a gym class. There are usually a lot of gym class choices, including dance classes. I always try to take a PE credit, even though I don't need them. It gives me a reason to get out there and exercise, because I know sometimes I'm not motivated. 
  • Find someone to go on a run with. It's so much easier to find motivation when you know you have someone counting on you to go with you. 
  • Set up a Wii in your room and get active! My roommate and I love doing this to get us active and going. 
  • Set up a workout routine. My roommate does 30 minutes of exercise every morning before she leaves for class, and she said she feels so much better every morning. 
As for eating right, it's pretty much common sense at this point. Don't eat french fries for every meal or get dessert. Just be smart about what you are eating, and make sure you are getting fruit and veggies and protein in MOST of your meals. It's perfectly acceptable to cheat from time to time and have a waffle for dinner. That's part of the college experience ;) 

Hope this gives you some ideas!

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