Friday, August 10, 2012

College Series Day 6: Packing List!

I only have 5 more days until I'm back at school, so I am packing up to go back to school! I thought I'd make a list of things that I think you need to pack for college.


  • Bedding: Twin XL sheets, comforter, pillow cases, pillows, mattress pad,  and a cuddly blanket :)
  • An extra set of sheets in case you spill something on your bed/the others are in the laundry.
  • Storage containers for all of your stuff :)
  • Food-you can either bring it from home or buy it at Target when you get there. It really doesn't make too much difference.
  • Shower items: flip-flops, shower caddy/shower organizer, shampoo, conditioner, razors, face wash, etc.
  • Personal bathroom items: Feminine items, make-up (now is NOT the time to bring your entire collection ladies), nail polish (again, don't bring your entire collection. It was hard for me not to...), hair brush and comb, tooth brush and toothpaste, and anything else you need in the bathroom including hot tools, things to take off your make-up and polish with, etc. BRING A TOOTHBRUSH holder! Nothing is more gross than leaving your toothbrush out on a counter that other people sit on or so nasty things on. Just saying.
  • Towels-2 sets (my roommate only brought one, and she ended up having to constantly wash them. She really regretted not bringing a second set.)
  • lamp
  • Things to entertain with: a couple games, a frisbee (this actually is a great thing to have!), books, magazines, movies. It's also helpful to have an extra blanket for guests to sit on. You'll probably have a lot of friends over, so think about that. 
  • Clothes. Duh. And a laundry basket. Pretty much anything I talked about in my last post. And a full length mirror.
  • Picture, posters, lights, etc to hang on your wall. Again, anything that pertains to you from day 3's post. Also, any personal stuffed animals or other personal items that you think will make you not miss home. 
  • Water bottle. This is a MUST!
  • Kitchen items like storage containers, cups, plates, etc. I actually bought 4 bowls for a couple of dollars at Target and then used disposable plates and silverware. It worked well because I didn't have to bring that stuff home. 
  • Rug for your room or bathroom
  • Backpack and school supplies
  • Desk items like stapler, scissors, tape, etc. A lot of this stuff can be bought at Target when you get down to school if it's a problem. 
  • EXTENSION CORD (at least one!!!) It's so important! Also, a plug strip that gives you more outlets to plug things into. They are so helpful!
  • Room fragrance! Whether it is a spray or one of the wall plug-ins, they make a huge difference, especially if you live in a suite and your bathroom is connected to your room!
  • headphones 
  • USB drive
  • Printer. This thing saved my life! Also bring some ink for your printer. And paper.
  • Body pillow or one of those sit up pillows
  • TV
  • Hand vacuum. It came in handy, but you can probably find someone on your hall that has one. I always used my suitemate's. 
  • Microwave and mini-fridge if your room doesn't already have them (most do I think, and if not, you can usually rent one from the school)
  • Water purifier. I didn't have one, and neither did my roommate, but my suitemates did and they swore by it. 
  • Patio furniture if you have a patio

I tried to keep these lists super general because I know they will change for every person. Feel free to post in the comments below if there is anything that you think is important and should be added to my list! I'm sure I forgot a bunch of things, but I figure if we all pitch in, we can come up with a pretty complete list! So let me know what YOU bring to college! See you tomorrow!

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  1. The list is perfect! i cannot think of adding more to it.