Saturday, August 11, 2012

College Series Day 7: Where To Buy From & How Much Money?

College is already expensive enough, but having to buy a bunch of new things for your room can add up fast. Here are a couple of tips to keep that cost down:

  • Shop around. Don't buy all of your things from Bed, Bath & Beyond because you are lazy or ran out of time. Shop around Target, Walmart, etc. to find the best deals. Sometimes, it's easier to do this online, and I definitely suggest that you do.
  • Buy practically, not by packaging. Packaging always sucks me in, but it can be a lot more expensive to buy the cutest things. Buy cute bedding that you are going to be happy with for a while, as well as a couple of other cute items, but you don't need to buy a pink laundry basket if it's going to cost you twice the price of a white one. Just know when to buy for looks, and when to buy for 
  • Pay more for quality. Buy things that you know will last you for 4 years, not things that are cheaper that will only last you one year, or barely hold up for a semester. At the same time, don't spend a bunch of money on things that you might throw out at the end of the year like, for example, a bathroom rug that is all gross. 
  • Reuse as much as you can! If you have a lamp that you aren't using at home, use that instead of buying a new one. Don't buy things that aren't going to be necessary. 
  • Keep your receipts! A lot of times, you will buy something going in as a freshman that you end up not using. Keep the receipt so that you can return things if you don't use them. 
  • Set a budget for yourself and be conscious of how much you are spending on things. It will help you from spending a fortune on your new room. 
  • Don't buy everything at once. Buy what you truly think is a necessity, and then if you decide half way through the semester that you really need that body pillow, for example, then you can purchase it when things might be a little cheaper, or when you or your parents has some extra money in the bank. 
  • Buy a couple things at school. I have a list of things like shampoo, conditioner, nail polish remover, etc. that can be bought at Target when I get down to school. These things aren't necessary for the moment that I move in, and it will save you some space when you move it, and possibly some money if they are cheaper at a local store down by where you are going to school. 
Hopefully these suggestions will help you when you are buying things for college! Remember, don't buy everything at one time! Space it out, and really think about what you need, and what you think is going to last you for 4 years. 

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