Friday, August 24, 2012

College Series Day 20: Boyfriends?

Is college a good time to get into a relationship with a guy? I think the most common answer is yes. I've been in a couple relationships in college, and they have not at all distracted from studying, yet I know a lot of people aren't so keen of dating during college because they say they are going to college just to get their degree and not to date.

Here's my take on the whole matter: if it is right, then it's right. You shouldn't push someone away because you want college to be about studying. That person could be your soul mate, and you'd never know.

Don't force a relationship though, because that will divert from your studies. There will be lots of drama, and it just won't be fun.

If you and another person mesh well and are attracted to each other, the let it happen. You may never get another chance to date them.

Just be safe everyone. :)

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