Tuesday, August 14, 2012

College Series Day 10: Ten Things I Wish I'd Brought to College Freshman Year!

As I am packing for college, I have started to think a lot about what I need to bring. Last year, I had a lot of success with the items that I brought, but I also forgot some important things. I've compiled a list of things that I wish that I'd brought, and I present to you the list of 10 things I wish I'd brought with me to college that I will DEFINITELY be packing up and bringing this time:
  1. A television. My roommate and I agreed that she would bring a TV to college, even though I was given one by my parents for college as well. Half way through our first semester, she removed the TV from our room because she didn't like the noise, which I didn't think was too fair. I ended up missing a lot of shows, but most importantly, I ended up missing the opportunity to have friends over to watch TV or movies. We used to have movie night in my room all the time, but when there wasn't a TV, there was a lot less social activity happening in my room, and I didn't meet as many people. 
  2. Games. Again, as a social thing, I wish I'd brought board games with me. When we had friends over, we ended up inviting a couple of people simply because we knew they had Apples To Apples or Monopoly. It's sad, but true. 
  3. A full length mirror. Like I mentioned before, my roommate and I didn't have one, but our suitemates did, and it was always so awkward when we asked to look at ourselves in the mirror before a party. 
  4. A fold up chair. My friend had a really comfy one to watch TV in, and I always wished I had one. We had plenty of room in our dorm for it, and it would have been nice for guests or for movie nights.
  5. More personal items and decorations. I have to say, my walls were pretty bare my Freshman year. I didn't think about what to do with my walls until I'd moved in, and I didn't actually end up decorating them until my second semester. I think it would have made my room feel more homey had I decorated and made my room my own earlier on. 
  6. Markers. Amazingly enough, college kids use markers all of the time. I wish I'd brought markers so that I could decorate my door a little more. 
  7. A bulletin board. I didn't think I'd need one, but I loved how it looked on my friend's wall. I'm definitely going to bring one this year so that I can decorate it and use it to remind myself of important things. 
  8. A backpack. I mentioned this on another college series day, but I ended up buying a backpack half way through the school year. I had an across the body bag, but it really started to hurt my shoulder when I was going up this great big hill on our campus that separates the classes from the dorms. 
  9. Movies. It would have been nice to have a bigger selection of movies for movie nights. 
  10. Rain boots or Umbrella. I got absolutely drenched going to class a couple of times, and I wish I'd brought an umbrella for class. Also, my shoes got soaked a couple of times, and it would have been nice to have rain boots for walking around outside.
I know too that one big thing a lot of people wished that they brought was a car. I had my car, so it wasn't on my list, but I loved the independence that it gave me, which I think is the biggest reason people regret not bringing their car. It definitely depends on where your college is located, because a car might not be practical on all campuses. But my roommate always said that she wished that she had her car so that she could go off campus sometimes just to get away from school, which I definitely understand and could relate to. Just a suggestion. 

If you've been to college, let me know what things you regret not bringing! See you all tomorrow!

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