Thursday, August 23, 2012

College Series Day 19: Schedules Part 2

Part 2 is how to get into the classes that you want. You are a freshman, and most likely you have last pick of classes, which means that most of the good classes will be gone.
Some colleges actually reserve spots for freshman when the upperclassmen are registering, ensuring that you all have a chance. If that is the case, then you are much better off. But here are some tips nonetheless:

  1. Get waitlisted! When you register for classes and a class is full, it will give you the option of being put on the waitlist. Do it! If during Add-Drop someone decides that they don't want to take the class and they drop it, you might be given the opportunity of signing up for the class!
  2. E-mail the professor to get in. Sometimes if you are sitting far back on the waitlist, but you e-mail the prof and express your interest in taking their class, they will clear you for the class and you will get to register for it. It's totally worth e-mailing the professor and early on establishing a relationship with them. Likewise, if at all possible, go to them face-to-face and talk with them. But most likely even if you do, they will ask you to e-mail them so that they don't forget to let you register. So, start with the e-mail. 
  3. If you e-mail them and don't hear back and still really want into the class, go on the first day to their class (but don't skip a class that you are already registered in to go to that class!). Go early, and before class starts, talk to the professor and see if you can get into their class. Again, express your interest in their class. Most professors will be excited that you are excited about their class, and they will want to let you in. 
Hopefully, by then you will get to enroll, but if not, there is always next year! Good luck getting your perfect schedule!

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