Thursday, August 16, 2012

College Series Day 12: Great Food For College Students!

I know the best food picks for college students are usually Ramen and Easy Mac, but to be honest, I don't like either, nor did I eat either one, so I made a list of things that I ate a lot in college:

  1. Cereal: Cereal was great breakfast food, but it was also a nice snack when you got hungry. What I really like is the cereal that is already in a bowl for you. They are really easy to take to class!
  2. Pop Tarts: Again, an easy on-the-go breakfast if you are running late. 
  3. Yogurt, Apple Sauce Cups, and Jello Cups: These kept me from exploding with hunger at odd hours. They are just filling enough to keep you from starving until your next meal. If my class ended at an odd time and I told someone that I would meet them at lunch at a certain time, but I was starving, I'd eat one of these to keep me full enough until I could meet them for lunch.
  4. Spray Cheese: If this isn't your thing, that's okay, but this was a great midnight snack with some crackers if I was up late studying. 
  5. Granola bars: Another great breakfast meal if you are running late. I'd suggest the Quaker Banana Nut Bread Soft Baked Bars that I talked about here. They fill me up and are super tasty! I'm always left hungry with other breakfast bars.
  6. Hot Chocolate: I cannot tell you how many times my roommate and I would come back to the room on a cold night and have some hot chocolate before we started our homework. It also makes your throat feel much better if you are sick or just have a sore throat from screaming too much at a football game or party :P
  7. Chex-Mix or Gold Fish: These were my preferred snacks when I wanted something salty. YUM!
  8. M&Ms and Pretzels together: This was a great snack when I was going to work out. Salty, sweet, and gave me a nice kick for my workout. I'd make myself a bag of these, eat a little bit before my workout, and then reward myself at the end with whatever was left. 
  9. Fresh fruit. This was something hard to get at the dining hall, and something that I think a lot of people forget about when they are eating. Plus, fruit tricks my taste buds into thinking I are eating something sweet, which is nice when I have a sugar craving. 
  10. Water. I had sodas and juice in my room too, but I took water to class with me every day in a water bottle. And it was de-lish. Those packs of water add-in (you know like koolaid where you add the packet of sugar to your water) were nice to have too when I wanted something besides water or soda. I used the propel packets, and they were a treat!
  11. Something in the freezer. I had pre-made dinners and well as taquitos, which was great for the two days that our campus lost power and the dining hall wasn't able to cook things. It was also great for late nights or days that the dining hall was closed. I knew that I'd still have a hot meal without having to drive off campus to get one.
  12. Lunchables. One of my friends made a habit of always having one of these around for a pre-made meal if she knew she wasn't going to have time for lunch. I ended up buying a couple of these for meals during fieldtrips where we were told to pack a lunch. 
If you are moved in like I am and headed to Target to get some snacks, I hope you consider buying some of these things! Let me know what food you think is important for college kids. 

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