Monday, August 20, 2012

College Series Day 16: College Parties

I don't want to talk about college parties too much, because I feel like either a) you DO or you DO NOT want to go to parties and b) because the type of parties that you attend in college is usually pretty synonymous: lots of alcohol, and lots of people. I thought of a couple of things that might prove helpful to people who DO want to attend parties. If you don't want to go to parties, then I'll see you for tomorrow's post!

  1. Bring costumes to college. Most parties that I've been to in college have been themed, and expect you to show up in costumes. Even if you bring along a tiara and cat ears/bunny ears/and/or devil ears, those are pretty cheap ways to put together an easy costume. They also aren't too hard to pack. 
  2. WATCH YOUR DRINK. Of course I'm not going to suggest that you drink if you are under 21 in the US, but at the same time I know it's going to happen. But seriously, if you get a drink (EVEN WATER!!!) and leave it in a very crowded room, it's super easy for someone to walk over there and spike your drink without being seen. If you put your drink down somewhere and aren't watching it, just leave it there and don't go back for it. You don't want to run the risk of what someone could have put in there.
  3. If you plan on drinking, find a DD. I know everyone tells you this, but it really needs to happen. Don't think "oh, I can find a DD when I'm ready to leave" because you are going to be intoxicated, and not able to think clearly most likely, and you might make some bad decisions in the process. And if you plan on DDing someone who is drinking, do not leave the party without them!!! A lot of times, they will tell you to leave without them and that they will find other arrangements, but that usually doesn't safely happen, so if you take someone to a party, don't leave them behind when you leave. 
Those are really the only thinks that I feel REALLY need to be said at this point when it comes to parties. Drink responsibly, and be safe everyone! 

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