Thursday, December 13, 2012

NOTD: Julep Maven's Hilary

As promised on the last post, this is what is on my nails right now:

 As you can see, this is Hilary from my Julep Maven purchase from this month. The color is a brown with gold, red, silver, and orange sparkles. This took about 3 coats before it was opaque, but it's totally worth it! It's such a pretty color!

This polish is definitely a keeper! I am going to have to start cleaning out my nail polish collection and finding a good way to store it, though, because I've accumulated WAY too many polishes. I'm starting to just get these boxes if there is something really unique that I don't have, otherwise I just become a polish hoarder.

What is on your nails right now?

(And yes, the top picture captured my roommate's and my Christmas lights on our balcony! This is the last time you will probably see them, too because right now I am getting ready to head home for the holidays! See you all when I get home!)

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