Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Black Friday Haul Part 3: Bath and Body Works

Black Friday wouldn't be complete without a Bath and Body Works Haul. Here we go...
 My main reason for going was to get two of these night light wall flowers. My parents each asked for one of these so that they can put them around the house or in their bathrooms and not have to turn the lights on during the night. I got one in gold and one in clear so that they could each pick their favorite.

 Next I got 4 soaps for my bathroom at college. I got Fresh Picked Apples, Sea Island Cotton, Kitchen Lemon with the Christmas packaging, and Cranberry Tangerine. I am literally on my last soap bottle at school, and I figured these would last me for a while!

 I also got some wallflowers for my college dorm room. I got Fresh Linen 2 pack and Fresh Balsam which is my favorite Christmas scent. These are also both non-intruding enough scents that my picky roommate can't possibly have a problem with. I also got her the Fresh Balsam room spray as part of her Christmas gift. She loves Christmas, and that way she can have her room smell like Christmas all year long.

Last, I got the VIP bag. It came with everything pictured above. I love getting these around Christmas time. It makes for some easy gifts without having to go crazy smelling everything. They also usually put in their newest products, so the gifts that you are giving people from these bags are the newest things. Plus, if you have never tried something yourself, it's a great way to get one cheap without having put too much money into something you might hate.

Amazingly enough, that's all I got! Check back soon to see another part of my Black Friday hauls!

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