Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Julep Maven Box!

Just a quick heads-up: I opened this box the day that I got it, but I've been getting home so late that there is no light to take pictures with, so this is literally just the box and the polishes. I didn't include anything else from the box and/or try to repack it because everything is already so scattered...

Now onto what I got this month!

 This is the December It Girl Box with two add-ons which are shipped separately. 

 These are the three polishes that came in the box. I'm most excited about Harper because it looks like a mermaid threw up sparkles, which is clearly what I want to put on my nails...Wow, you can tell it's finals week. Anyways, ONWARD!

 These were my two add-ons for the month. Cindy (the green one) is actually going to be part of one of my friend's Christmas presents and Hilary (the brown sparkles one) is on my nails today. NOTD blog post already planned!

What box did you get/what add-ons? And which polish is your favorite for the month?

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