Monday, December 17, 2012

Black Friday Haul Part 2: Vera Bradley!

I went to Vera Bradley on Black Friday too. Their specials? Spend $100 and get a free holiday printed tote bag as well as 30% off certain colors.
Here's what I got:

 This is the Holiday Tote. In this first picture, you can see the color for what it truly is. The bottom picture shows you how tall it is. it's more of a purse than a tote, and it's already going to be given to someone for Christmas. I won't say who just in case they are reading this ;).

Next, is what I actually bought. 
 This little girl above is the light of my life :) I've wanted to get a hipster for SO long, and I finally caved and got one. I wasn't going to get this color, but they discontinued the one I wanted (it had Tea in the name) so, I went and looked at the ones on sale and this one caught my eye. It goes perfectly with jeans because it's a navy blue color, but it's also got the pops of purple that I really liked. I got this one for $45 instead of the original price that is listed on the tag. I literally left the store and put all of my belongings into this little girl and toted her around as my purse for the rest of the day!

 Next, I got two Zip ID cases. I REALLY needed to replace the old one that I had, and I liked both of these colors, so I got them both. I'm using the one on the left right now, and then I will probably save the one on the right until the one I am using now gets gross looking. These little cases have saved my life over the years, and they are a MUST if you are a college student. For real.

 Last, but certainly not least is this Large Cosmetic case in the color Lime's Up. I've had my eye on this print for a while now and I just loved the way it looked on these cases. I mainly got this so that I could put my hairbrush and toothbrush in the same bag as all of my other stuff instead of having to put them on their own in my suitcase. They get lost, get things wet, etc. and it just was no fun. So, I got this bag. And, I travel a lot from home and back, so this is something I can get a lot of use out of.

That's all from Vera Bradley this time! I wish their stuff was cheaper so that I could buy more of it and buy it more frequently. But that's okay :) This was a gift to myself.

Stay tuned until next time where I haul more of my Black Friday purchases!

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