Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm A Red-head!

I'm a red head!!! I dyed my hair over Thanksgiving break! I didn't post about it until now because I kind of wanted to get used to it and see if I liked it, and I think I really do! My hair was a light brown with a lot of golden blonde in it from the sun, and the color turned out a lot darker than I expected because of my somewhat brunette hair. Judge for yourself!

 This was after having just dyed it. Its definitely a little darker than this in real life NOW, but it was this color in real life for the first couple of days for some reason.

This is just recently before a party. I cut one of my friends out of it because I didn't think she'd want to be in the picture. But here it is now (in kind of bad lighting) but curled with a middle part. Like it? Hate it? Impartial?

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