Saturday, December 15, 2012

2013 Spring Semester Schedule for College

I haven't done a post about my college life in a while, so I thought I'd share with you all my class schedule for next semester.

10:30- Principles of Microeconomics
11:30-History of Theater
2:30 -3:45 (NOT FRIDAY)- Management of Organizations

9:55- Production Techniques
11:20-Financial Accounting
12:45-2:45- Acting I

I didn't include my work schedule, my hosting gig on our student television show, production meeting times, or rehearsal times, because I didn't want to overload you! I will literally have no life though...

If you were wondering, I have declared a theater and business administration double major, which is why my classes are kind of all over the place! I'm taking 18 hours which is the max that I am allowed to take in a semester, so I will be dying here soon. No worries. I am mostly done with my common curriculum stuff, though so I am really excited about actually taking classes now for my major!!

If you have any tips for me for my classes, or just for college in general, please post them below! We can all help each other!

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