Sunday, March 3, 2013

College Kid: Downy Unstoppables Review

These are the Downy Unstoppables In Wash Scent Booster. I know this is a weird thing to review, but they are magical when you are doing laundry, and I just HAD to tell someone about them!

My laundry situation: I take my laundry down three floors to the shared laundry machines in our building. EVERYONE does their laundry there. Whenever my laundry comes out of the wash, it just smells like the laundry rooms, which don't smell bad but they just a college kid's room. So, I had a sample of the Downy Unstoppables that I used last week, and it changed my life! My clothes have such a clean smell to them every time they come out of the laundry, and I feel like they hold that smell for much longer than they usually do. Literally, I used the sample and then immediately put it on my Target list. Personally, this turquoise container one is my favorite smell. It just smells like clean clothes instead of artificial flowers or something like that.

Random review, but it's mainly for people who use community washers and dryers. Enjoy!

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