Monday, January 21, 2013

November Julep Maven Box

This is one of the older posts that I promised. I can't believe I never got this posted until now! This is what came in my Julep Maven November 2012 box. 

 The purple/silver one below is Nora, the olive green color is Hailee, and the fuzzy clear one is the Matte Top Coat. Nora is no longer in my possession, though. The color matched one of my friend's formal dresses, and so it was one of her Christmas presents, so you will never see a blog post of it unless I can get a picture of the polish on her nails. Sorry!

 All of these polishes had a matte suede finish to them. This was something I never experienced in a nail polish. Usually, I like my polishes to be super shiny, but I actually really liked the finish to these polishes. I have not yet tried the matte top coat yet, though. I'm kind of scared of that one's finish!

The other thing that was in the box were three nail polish remover pads. I haven't tried those yet, either. I've been busy, I'm sorry! And I've kind of been saving those for when I travel.

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