Thursday, January 24, 2013

Naughty Bath Fizzy Review

Here is the promised Review of Fortune Cookie Soap's Naughty Bath Fizzy. First off,  let me say that I loved how this smells. I honestly don't know what it smells like, but it's GOOD. That was a definite plus.

What you do with this is drop it into your bath water and it fizzes up, changing the color of your water and fizzing the whole time it dissolves. It also released the same smell that it had before.

The downside: This made a black ring ALL over my tub. I had to get out and clean it so that it didn't look like it hadn't been cleaned in forever. Now, it did come off pretty quickly, but the black color did mean I had to immediately clean it, which I feel like kind of defeats the purpose of using this fizzy to relax.

Overall, I would give this bath fizzy 3/5 stars. It smells great, it's an adorable concept, but for me it just wasn't worth having to clean my tub right after. If the smell had been to die for, then maybe it would have been worth cleaning up after.

**Don't get me wrong, I still love the company.

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