Saturday, February 2, 2013

NOTD: "Jade" Kiss Nail Stickers

This is what is on my nails right now. Super cute, right? Well, they are the Kiss brand nail stickers. The design is called "Jade." I wasn't super impressed when I first put these on. Actually, I had a better experience putting them on than the Sally Hansen nail stickers, but I think that's because this was my second try with nail stickers. But the stickers didn't stick super good, and some of them were coming up pretty easily. I did put a clear top coat over then, though to keep them in place. Having said that, these stickers are STILL on my nails, and I think they've been on for almost a week. Yes, they chipped pretty quickly, but they haven't chipped any farther, for the most part. Today is the first day that I'm starting to miss bigger chunks of one or two of the nails, but I've gone to work 3 days this week where I am building stuff with my hands, so I'd say that's not bad.

The other complaint that I had was that there weren't many sizes to pick from, so a lot of my nails had gaps on the sides. So, I made sure the gaps were on the side of my nails that is harder for ME to see, so I barely notice them.

Overall, I think these nail stickers were a fun thing to have. I don't know if the top coat (which is NEW) is what kept these on for so long. I do like that these are cheaper, and I think they are a great alternative to the Sally Hansen nail strips (but only if it has the top coat on it). I'm definitely going to be trying more of these, and now that I've had a more positive experience with nail stickers, I'm definitely going to be trying more brands and posting about them here.

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